Another Bob The Sexual Guilt Tripper Update: Winning Converts One Smear at a Time

It’s been a while since I’ve done a pile on on Robert Jensen, my all time favorite male self-flagellator and antiporn crusader….and he’s been busy as a Stormcloud honeybee of late.

First off, he’s been busy pimping both the featured slideshow Stop Porn Culture, and doing a traveling minstrel show pimping the antiporn “documentary” The Price of Pleasure to mostly unsuspecting audiences.

Except, when he tried to sell the snake oil of TPoP in Los Angeles last week, he got the surprise of his life: a small crew of some of the adult sex media’s most trusted spokespeople decided to raid Bob the Sexual Guilttripper’s show to call him out on some of his smears and lies about their profession and the women who performed in it.

Oh..and guess who was in the Truth Squad, if you will?? Yup….that would be Ernest Greene and Nina Hartley, who — along with Mark Kearnes of AVN, porn auteur/columnist Gram Ponante, and performers Mika Tan and Vanessa Blue, amongst others — buttonholed Jensen from pillar to post.

Ernest has documented all of the juicy details of the roasting over at the Blog of Post-Porn Activism, and Mr. Ponante has done a similar review of what went down here as well.  Suffice it to say that it was pretty interesting to see Jensen attempt to crawfish himself away from the distortions of his “documentary”.

I’d strongly recommend you read their essays in full to get the effect of the back-and-forth..but if you are too lazy or busy at the moment, I can allow Mika Tan’s succinct two-line sentence beginning her protestation of TPoP’s misrepresentation of her profession speak for a condensation:

“I am very disappointed in this movie. It’s inaccurate. And defending it, you have begun every sentence with a disclaimer.”

Oh…and speaking of disclaimers….after surviving that roasting in LA, Jensen hopped a plane to San Francisco where he participated in another presentation promoting another antipornfeminist project, the Stop Porn Culture slideshow sponsored by himself and Gail Dines.

Now, when you venture into Frisco, and you do anything sex wise, you have to deal with the wrath of Violet Blue, full time sex columnist and rebel troublemaker for all things sex-positive.

Violet decided to use antiporn feminism in general and SPC in particular as her own pinata for her most recent Open Source Sex column that appears in print at the San Francisco Chronicle and online at….and managed to unearth some fascinating info about the complicity of the “feminist” producers with some not-so-feminist activism. Quoting Violet from her column, via her awesome Tiny Nibbles blog:

There’s a new anti-porn movement in town, and it’s — the feminists again. I know, whatta letdown. But I’ve got quite a few surprises in this week’s column, Please Use Porn Responsibly: Violet Blue’s concerns about the new anti-porn feminist agenda. No, you won’t believe what these people are saying and doing — some really legally questionable stuff. In this post, I have the screencaps from my investigation for this column, where I discovered that the main website for the nonprofit is by — you guessed it — Christian conservative extremists. In bed with feminists, again… Wow, so 1970s. Click the images to read the whois data better…

The reference is to the fact — quoted by Violet in the column — that the domain owner of the Stop Porn Culture website just so happens to be an organization called “Skyward-bound Productions”, which states on its home page that one of its main missions happens to be (quoting from a Google cached copy of their home page) :

“…assisting churches and non-profit organizations [to] get the materials they need to spread the ministry of Jesus Christ.” […]

She even manages to smackdown Bob the Guilttripper a tad:

It’s great to see the new antiporn agenda; their arguments are full of holes as usual, but they’re gaining traction by appearing to be unbiased and reasonable — and non-religious. Like, look at this totally unbiased piece running in the SF Gate / Chronicle the same day as mine. (That’s irony, folks.) I really wish I’d known Mr. Jensen was going to be in town today: I have a radio interview from 2-? downtown, dance class, and then and a private dinner celebration all coinciding at the same time he’ll be at Modern Times Books on Valencia tonight. Anyone want to go ask him a few questions for me? Seriously: I’ll send you three questions to ask him, you record the results, we’ll put it here. It’s a real offer, and they are serious questions.

I’m sure that Professor Jensen would be thrilled to have a sincere and honest debate with Violet.  Really, he would.