Shelley Lubben = (Michelle Bachmann + Artificial Rack – Courage Of Convictions) * BS ^ Infinity

Oh, me, oh my.

And I thought that Michelle Bachmann was the grand champion of batshit crazaa. Well, Shelley Lubben, arch ex-slut ministress, just lapped her.

You may remember my last post on Lubben speaking at a conference on condoms in porn hosted by UCLA, in which she basically unleashed her worldly wrath of her “God” on the alleged evils of the porn industry. The panel was basically hosted and dominated by the folks who want to impose mandatory condom usage and other draconian regulations on California’s adult sexual media, in spite of the fact that the last two crises involving possible HIV/AIDS infection of performer talent — one this October and one last June — turned up empty, with in each case only the original target testing positive.

Well…Shelley has now posted at her blog her version of what took place at the discussion. Needless to say, it packs a wallop. The fact that it’s mostly a wallop of hot mess loaded down with her usual myopia and lies about the industry doesn’t limit the punch level. However, some of what she said has just a fleeting relationship with the truth, and some are outright smears and distortions so raw that even  veteran propagandists would stand and take notice.

Synoposizing her does her rant little justice….so I will give it the full fisking treatment. The quotes are straight from her, the responses are totally mine.


Right away, we begin with Shelley’s usual hyperbole. The actual debate wasn’t really that heated…except when Lubben opened her mouth.  But, more on that anon.

UCLA learned the hardcore truth today that porn is not glamorous. During a panel discussion on the lack of employee health and safety in the porn industry – which included former porn actress Shelley Lubben, Executive Director of the Pink Cross Foundation; Paula Tavrow, director of UCLA’s Bixby Program in Population and Reproductive Health; Whitney Engeran-Cordova, director of the Public Health Division of AIDS Healthcare Foundation; Mr. Marcus a current porn performer/director; and Executive Director of the Free Speech Coalition, Diane Duke – the debate heated up and they certainly duked it out!

Yeah, seems like a fair debate, right?? Sure…if you are willing to ignore the basic fact that outside of Diane Duke and Mr. Marcus, all of the other  panelists were activists for mandatory condom usage and bitterly opposed to even caring about the views of active performers. Indeed, Diane Duke only made it to the panel because she found out late that Mr. Marcus would be ambushed three to one in this venue (and the audience was mostly screened to more White middle class antiporn feminists who would be more suspectable to the pro-condom mandate/antiporn position, too), and she “bullied” her way in so as to give Marcus some solidarity support.

Also…you gotta love how in these pressers Shelley always seems to note herself in the third person…as if God must be writing these reports with smiling approval of His anointed ministress.

Shelley Lubben told the hardcore truth about the hazards and the rampant disease on unsafe and unsupervised porn sets. She also talked about the consequences of unsafe sex during hardcore porn acts which she knows about all too well. Her time in porn resulted in Herpes, pregnancy complications, severe anemia, uterine ablation, and removal of over half of her cervix due to early cervical cancer from HPV.

Yeah….”the hardcore truth”. From a performer whom participated in exactly 12 videos in which she is credited with sex scenes under the nom de’guerre “Roxy” roughly in the six to nine month period between Nov. 1993 and July 1994. That’s right, Clones…TWELVE videos. As compared to, say, Nina Hartley, who has well over 600 videos credited to her in 26 YEARS of making adult videos, not to mention all the books, documentaries, and videos Nina has done in tribute to safer sex and egalitarianism and consensual woman’s pleasure.

And…somehow, Lubben seems to conveniently ignore the fact that she was a working prostitute (and, it is alleged by some, even a madam) for four years prior to, during, and for an unspecified amount of time following, her brief stint as a porn performer. In which, in other venues, she has openly claimed that she engaged in unprotected and quite dangerous activities, got infected with several nasty STI’s, and even had children from getting pregnant off her clients. Her current daughter is the result of an unprotected tryst that occured outside of her porn stint.

And yet, in spite of her nearly eight year trial by fire as a sex worker, it’s only through those 12 scenes in porn that she got sick and hurt, and only porn is to blame for all of her ills. And, of course, ALL women in porn suffer as much, if not worse, than she does…because any one of the hundreds of thousands of women who manaage to go through the business generally unscathed are simply either lying, paid off by THE GREAT PORN MAN, or simply not blessed with the virtue of God himself to see the light.  Or, they just don’t exist in Lubben’s world. Which is apparently different than the world most of the rest of us walk on.

When questioned on how she knew these consequences came from porn and not her six years of prostitution before she entered porn, Lubben replied, “I never had STDs until I did porn. I had protected sex as a prostitute. I didn’t do as hard of (sex) acts in prostitution. I never did anal until I got to porn.” Although Lubben states unequivocally that prostitution is still horrible, porn is worse.

That’s interesting, because just two weeks ago, Shelley was singing a slightly different tune to Howard Stern on his radio show (excerpt courtesy of Julie Meadows/Lydia Lee):


“Shelley Lubben: God told me he healed me and I haven’t had an outbreak in over fifteen years, my kids are herpes-free, so, you know what, I just turned to God and he healed me in all these areas of my life. I mean, he’s practical.”

Shelley Lubben: Of course. Like, you could, you could swing a deal anywhere. Any, literally, and uh… and then one, and then this man, he, he um, he bled on my face and it really frightened me, so… um…
Robin Quivers: Bled on your face? How does that, wha?
Howard Stern: He bled on your face? What was, what was that about?
SL: Well, I don’t know. All I know was it scared the hell outta me.
HS: Where was the blood coming from?
SL: His penis.

Howard Stern: Uh, an Asian guy banged you for money, got you pregnant. How did that happen, his rubber break or something?
Shelley Lubben: In all honesty, um, it did. Condoms will leak and break.
HS: Right.
SL: And I’m tellin’ ya, I’ve had plenty of sex to know that condoms aren’t enough protection but they’re better than no protection.

Oh, what grand irony this is. She’s admitting to Howard Stern that condoms do break and they don’t give enough protection…but, she’s so willing to join AHF’s campaign to mandate them on porn performers whether or not they want them. Also…if you are having sex with people who are bleeding in your mouth out of their dicks, wouldn’t that be a warning sign to, like, stop what you are doing?? I’m sure that the guy must have been bleeding before he put his willy in your mouth, Shelley…did you manage to check on that before accepting his cash??

Of course, that was the “pre-saved” Shelley who didn’t have the wisdom of God flowing within her…at least not yet.  Oh, wait….

Uploaded January 2, 2008

“And this is how pathetic is was, I used to sell my breast milk for five and ten bucks inside guy’s coffees just to get money for me and my daughter. That’s my pathetic lifestyle in the sex industry and it’s not just me. I don’t care how glamorous these, I see the porn stars, we all had to work our way to the top. We all started out on the street or in escort agency or prostitution. We’ve all been bled upon. We’ve all been smacked around. We’ve all had guys rip condoms on us on purpose. We’ve been through hell. Vietnam Vets, could probably be comparable to what we’ve been through. That’s why we’re tough. We had to tough it out. I’ve had men try to kill me, stalk me, I was driving a motorcycle and some guy took his truck and hit me. Cuz see we’d b.s. ‘em a lot. They don’t like that. I’d have different engagement wedding rings n so I was in my pockets trying to remember which guy gave me which one.”

Oh, yeah….every single sex worker has done some porn in her life; every single sex worker has been infected with life-killing STI’s, and every sex worker client simply wants to kill the hooker they pay to have sex with.  Because Shelley Lubben says so, it is the absolute freakin’ TRUTH, back by GOD.

Easy to trust her words…yes, indeedy.

But….let us go back.

The porn industry continues to deny the reality of the harm and abuse it inflicts upon human beings. The rampant sexually transmitted diseases, the false sense of security given to the performers, the industry’s fraudulent doctors and employers, the drugs and alcohol, the brutality against women – all adds up to an abusive, disease filled, deadly industry where workers daily risk their lives.

Many women in porn speak of their hopes and dreams to only do porn for a short while and then one day get married and start a family. How tragic is to get to that point only to learn that all of the rough and abusive acts they were subjected to and all of the STDs they contracted have led to infertility or serious (potentially life threatening) long term health problems with their reproductive organs?”

But let’s look at those “facts”, shall we??

Lubben claims that 90% of all porn performers have contacted herpes, “an incurable disease”, as she puts it. A frighening stat…until you discover that it was mostly lifted out of thin air, since there is really no way to determine if porn performers are infected with such a disorder, since there is no existing testing ongoing for herpes amongst the industry. Not even the Adult Industry Medical (AIM) organization which does the basic testing for HIV and other major STI’s for the industry, makes that claim, since they don’t even test for herpes or chamydia. Also, herpes, while very much a communicable disorder, is also pretty much minor in symptoms, generally restricted to the mouth or genital area, and usually treatable with rest and antibiotics. Two or three weeks of rest, and a person can go back to normal sexual relations again.

Now, no one with a working brain cell will deny that there are plenty of brutes and assholes in porn who do not have the talent’s better interests at hand, and there are even a few that do cross the line into violence and neglect. Maybe the reason Shelley feels the way she feels is because she only has associated with that violent fringe of the industry that is the most abusive. Her story should be respected and her experiences acknowledged, and no one should be under any state of denial; but maybe Shelley could be as much in denial about those whose experiences in porn didn’t approach her level of debasity?? What about the experiences of folk like Kayden Kross or Vicky Vette or Julie Meadows, who  managed to get in, make their mark, make some cash, and get out relatively unscathed and for the better of it? And heaven forbid, would she ever be willing to acknowledge the work of someone like Nina Hartley, who has not only survived and thrived and persevered in the porn world, but has become the unofficial ambassador of the adult sexual media’s progressive potential for female erotic pleasure??

Oh, wait, I forgot…Shelley says to discount Nina because she “had chlamydia four times in her career.” Really.

Diane Duke of the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) who was there on behalf of the producers defended the industry’s current testing system as ‘remarkable’ but it was pointed out that testing ‘does not prevent anything.’ Current porn star Mr. Marcus, a 17 year veteran of the industry who has appeared in over 50 gangbang movies and who is known for his brutal acts in porn, showed up to defend the industry – yet in a meeting that was filled with testimony of violence against women and damage to the reproductive health of women, it was hardly convincing.

Where is the testimony of the 18-19 year old woman that has been in porn for only a short time? What is her experience like when she walks onto a mostly male porn set at a private location and is forced to do brutal, unprotected sex acts?

Yes, now we let the stereotypes flow. Because it’s only 18 year old ingenues thirsting for a career in Hollywood wihout the dreded “casting couch” that get tricked by cigar-chompinig men in raincoats into doing all kinds of dirty, nasty sexual debauchery such as…sucking a man’s dirty DICK!!   And…taking same dick into her…her…ASS!!!  And, and, and…getting her face and eyes and mouth splattered with nasty CUM!!! And that’s only the good scenes!!!

Now, the fact that many of these young adult women getting into porn has already probably done those kind of “filthy” acts already for personal pleasure without getting paid tons of cash (dates and dinner nonwithstanding), is a concept that seems to elude Ministeress Shelley. The fact that these women already know quite well through their friends and sister performers who to avoid and who to support due to the unofficial support system, and are more than capable of making their own decisions about what goes in their orficies and who gets to play within them, is another concept of individual freedom and responsibility that seems alien to the Gospel of Lubben.

But, it’s this smackdown of Mr. Marcus in particular that wins the Whackjob trophy hands down for Lubben. I guess that he happened to be the chosen target for this ambush at UCLA because they had to have someone to fire their nukes at, and because Nina or Kayden would have destroyed them intellectually.

But to call out Marcus for participating in gangbangs and especially for his “brutal acts” in porn??  Priceless…especially given his actual reputation is exactly the polar damn opposite of anti-woman brute.Countless veteran porn women have given flowing testimony to his ability to maximize their pleasure over his, and his total and complete sensitivity to thrir orgasms. Hell, he’s even been featured in many of Nina’s Nina Hartley Sex Guides video series fir that very purpose. And that even includes the women featured in all those gangbangs.

All I want to know is this, Shelley: did YOU manage to have sex with Mr. Marcus during your bit as “ROXY!!!!!” And if you didn’t, then how in the HELL would you know about how “brutal ” he really is??

Oh I forgot….Mr. Marcus is still Black, still large, and still wields a big cock. In some communities — especially the more racist ones most suspectable to rhetoric like what Lubben shills here — that is reason enough to condemn him.

And finally, as for that “testing doesn’t prevent anything” drive-by?? Gee, testing sure did a lot to prevent a major epidemic for two years straight, now didn’t it??  Two performers infected with HIV from outside activity, and no other performers infected as a result?? In my book, that’s called a ringing endorsement of AIM’s testing system. AKA…SCOREBOARD.  But, feel free to disagree.

No other porn performers showed up to defend the industry – which is the norm for public debates. Why do porn actors rarely show up? There have been several state and local meetings in the last two years and yet only a handful of porn stars have ever showed up. Mainly producers and lawyers for the industry show up at these meetings. Why is that?

Mr. Marcus spoke of a need for ‘more education’ in the industry. We agree on that point. No woman should go into porn on the false promise that they will be kept safe, or that the porn industry is concerned about the health and safety of their employees. They say they are, but their actions speak otherwise. Just two weeks ago, Diane Duke wrote an article in the adult industry trade magazine titled, “FSC: On the Forefront of Fighting for Your Bottom Line.”

Ahhh, let’s see.  Maybe the reason why few other porn performers show up at Cal-OSHA meetings or California Assemply hearings or venues like the one at UCLA might have to do with the following, Shelley: (1) They are working at that time. (2) They actually have family and private lives to live and don’t necessarily want to live strictly on your schedule. (3) They don’t feel the need to consistently walk into a buzzsaw where their very profession, if not their very persons, is smeared, distorted, slandered, and otherwise pilloried, and they are compared to the worst hardened criminals needing protection from their own desires. (4) They already have some damn good spokespeople that could speak their minds for them. (5 through 10) You just won’t allow them to speak without shouting them down.

That is, if you don’t conspire to block them from speaking in the first place. Let me remind you all of the tactics the UCLA group and Lubben used for this particular discussion to freeze out the riffraff from contaminating their debate (courtesy of Michael Whiteacre, as posted here earlier):

The organizers of the UCLA School of Law panel ACTIVELY PLOTTED to keep adult industry members away, and I can attest that it is true. This event was not promoted at all. Google and Yahoo searches turned up nothing. I stumbled upon a reference to it in the calendar on Shelley Lubben’s site two days before the event. She listed the name of the event, the location, and gave the start time as 11:00 am. I passed the info on to Free Speech Coalition, and Diane Duke essentially “bullied” her way onto the panel. FSC also alerted AVN. The next day (the day before the event) AVN mentioned the event, and it also popped up on Darrah Ford’s blog (listing the start time, correctly, as 11:30 am).

Shelley Lubben must have been told to not promote the event, because after FSC (and AVN) called over to the organizers, citing Shelley’s website as how they heard about it, the start time on Shelley’s site was mysteriously ALTERED to 2:00 pm (which is 50 minutes after he event had to end so that a scheduled class could use the room). That altered start time is still on her website as I write this. I must conclude they called her to complain, and Shelley’s instinct, as usual, was to distort the truth. She takes a kernel of truth, and then twists it to serve her needs.

Gee…Gail Dines would have been proud of them.  And even of Shelley.

Oh, and to the point about the Free Speech Coalition more concernd about getting paid their porn lobbying fees than being concerned about performer safety??  Well, that’s why they’re called the Free Speech Coalition, not the Pink Ladies Social Club (which was an org that existed in the late 80’s led by Nina Hartley, Jeanna Fine, Angel Kelly and a few other women as a means of protecting and defending porn women’s rights and responsibilities. And it’s not as if Shelley’s not getting paid plenty for her activism for Jesus, as her most recent tax returns show so clearly.

Who is fighting for the health and safety of these people? Certainly not the industry. But we will! Not only that, Pink Cross demands that the entire industry be shutdown until it is in compliance with state law. The current workplace health and safety laws must be enforced. The porn industry is currently operating illegally. We also know that the porn industry is full of rampant disease and thrives on illegal activity such as drug trafficking, prostitution and brutality against women.

The Pink Cross will fight for those in this industry that is driven by money over everything else – even the health and safety of its own workers! That is wrong and we cannot and will not tolerate that kind of treatment of human beings who are made in the image of God. Will you join us? As panelist Whitney Engeran-Cordova profoundly stated, “No one should be disposable.”

We will not apologize for telling the truth about how porn destroys lives. We cannot be silent while porn continues to damage people in the name of the almighty dollar. People are worth more – they deserve to be told the truth! We love these people too much to not tell them the truth. And we will continue to do so…

Ahhh, the fighting sprirt of a demagogue. Because only Shelley Lubben and the seven or so women she has converted to her cause know more about the rights and responsibilities of every single woman in the sex media industry than the women themselves actually putting their pussies, asses, and mouths on the line every day. Because only Shelley Lubben knows in spite of what all us stupid secularists see with our own eyes, and hear with our own ears, that all women in porn are victims of rape and depravity and sexual slavery and need her healing mission from GOD to get the hell out. (Of course, to actually get her help you have to fully convert to the Gospel of Jesus, and be either independently wealthy enough to live on your own without the financial assets you earned with your own body, or be just that desperate enough and poor enough to depend on subsistence that not even welfare mothers can survive on. But, that’s a different story altogether.)

And, me thinks that Shelley needs to make up her mind on whether she really wants the sex media industry to be banned outright or whether she only wants it to be tightly regulated. You can’t be a slave to two different masters, Ministeress Lubben, and you can’t on the one hand form an alliance with a mostly gay  male-based organization like AHF and promote condom usage that conflicts with the default fundie Christian Right message of “no sex outside of marriage for reproduction”; and then on the other hand address the likes of Pat Trueman and his Departmant of Justice commisars who are sqorn to wipe porn off the face of the earth. Choose your side, please, and stick with it. Or…AHF just needs to choose their side, unless this is only about Michael Weinstein (the chief spokesperson for the AHF) merely exploiting Lubben for the usual shakedown and exclusive government contracts.

Talking about “shutting down the industry until/unless the laws are enforced” is kind of tinny when most of said businesses are actually following the laws, and there is no pandemic to think of. Unless you can provide such proof, Shelley, you need to work on cleaning up your own house and owning your own personal demons and stop forcing them on everyone else. Otherwise, I’m prompted to believe Nina Hartley when she says that you are simply using your old role as “ROXY!!!!!!!!!!!” to play the fundie Christian field just as you played the sex worker and porn fields for your own personal benefit.

And I’ll go ahead and trust the word of Nina on what porn performers face in the real world far more than I will trust anything you say, Shelley Lubben.  She’s smarter than you; she’s a hell of a lot sexier than you; she’s far wiser than you; she’s a billion times more compassionate than you; she’s infinesstimately more progressive socially and politically than you ever will be….and most of all, she actually gives a damn about people. Oh…and her degrees are REAL and certified. As is her heart.  And, her legendary heart-shaped ass.  Even at age 50.

Try stuffing that into your Pink Bible swag bag, Ministeress Lubben.


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