More Lessons In Hypo-TWAT-cy: Don't Decry Porn As "Diseased" While Getting Your Boobs Signed By Ron Jeremy (AKA: "Ministress Lubben By Night") — UPDATED

[Update and slight edit: scroll to bottom.]

First you had Michael Weinstein’s AHF using their thrift stores to sell bareback porn, while all along assaulting other companies for not imposing condoms.

This new example of hypocrisy — or more better put, “hypo-TWAT-cy” — is a bit more seamy.

This is a pic that Michael Whiteacre just posted this morning at his Facebook page after attending receiving from someone attending a Porn Star Karaoke fundraising event in Burbank.


Looks like any old party image, right??  Except for who the exact participants are.

No, not the guy sticking out his tongue..he’s irrelevant.

Notice the guy almost obscured behind First Dewd, wielding the pen who’s autographing the very beautiful woman’s boobs. Yes, that grill is very recognizable: porn legend Ron Jeremy.

The woman in bliss getting her boobs signed by “The Hedgehog”  might not be so recognizable at first…but once you look closely, it becomes a bit more clear who she is.

Three guesses, Clones.

Velicity Von??  Ahhhh…no.

Holly Halston???  Ehhhhhhhhhkkkkkkkk..wrong answer.

Vicky Vette?? Please..she lives clear on the other side of the country.

Would you believe me if I said that the correct answer was…Shelley Lubben???

Wait a damn minute, ‘Dog…Shelley Lubben?!?!? You mean the former porn actress turned born again Christian antiporn activist who preaches that porn women are “diseased” and that porn needs to be wiped off the face of the earth??  The woman who suffered (or so she claimed) so much physical and mental abuse (not to mention the herpes and the cervical cancer) at the hands of porn that she now preaches almost daily for its demise?? The woman who went before the UCLA panel on condoms, the Cambridge University debate team, and representatives of Congress speaking all emotionally about the absolute evil of porn and how all its women are simply victims of rape??

Yup…that would be that Shelley Lubben.

Apparently, her professed hatred of porn and her publically stated desire to eliminate it does not prevent her from being such a fangirl of Jeremy that she not only got him to whip out his…errr, Sharpie…to sign her boobs; but also managed to outbid the others for a dinner date with him. (No doubt, with all the funds she’s being paid with through her Pink Cross Foundation ministry.)

Now, those of you wanting to defend the Ministeress might say that what she does in her private life outside of her public ministry is still her business and none of our concern…and that even a born-again Christian deserves the right to party hearty now and then. And, usually, I’d agree with that.

Problem is, when someone whom has made her money and her public legacy hating on and trying to abolish other women’s rights to be porn performers and make choices of their own on how best to be performers, and when someone professes her fundamentalism such that anyone who dares to criticize her must be one of those evil “pornographers”, and that same someone gets caught getting her tit endorsed by the most well known dick in porn outside of John Holmes at a porn party??? Well….needless to say, that’s serious news.

Maybe she’s just out evangelizing, and she’s going to use that RJ sig on her tits as motivation from God to convert him out of the industry….though, it’d be kinda hard to accomplish that given Jeremy’s propensity to pimp himself in “Make your dick BIGGER!!!!!” ads.

Mike Whiteacre also noted that one of the invitees at that Porn Karaoke party was none other than Mr. Marcus, the Black male porn legend which Lubben (with help from a few others) had wanted to ambush at the UCLA panel discussion on condoms in porn last year. Gee, I wonder if she attempted to hit him up as hard as she did for RJ..maybe, to make up for lost time??

I’m just wondering what this will do for many of Lubben’s followers who were under the impression that she had long since left the porn world behind to do God’s work liberating women from their former slutty selves. I guess that, like Carrie Prejean before her, you just can’t keep your slutty instincts down for so long.

Not to mention, what all those White Supremacist fundies whom back her ministry say about her trolling for large Black cock?? (Allegedly, of course.)

In any rate…nice going, Ministress…you just earned yourself the title of Supreme Hypocrite….or, should I say, Hypo-TWAT. Enjoy your double life, madam.


Update (4-28-11): First off, Michael Whiteacre has informed me via comments that he was not at the infamous Porn Star Karaoke event where Shelley acted up; a freind who was there simply taped and photographed Lubben and sent the results to him. The text in this blog entry has been corrected to set everything straight.

And now, we have video proof as well, courtesy of Mike South; go right to his blog and/or his YouTube page for more witnessing of Ministeress Lubben…well, ministering to the porn faith.