Oh, Wait…Did I Mention Ministress Lubben’s Total Meltdown?? Here’s The Proof!! (Updated)

Last post, I gave you the link to the Cambridge University Society site for that classic porn debate…and just merely hinted at the epic meltdown that Shelley Lubben had to close the event.

Well…Jordan Owen (aka JordanOwen42) was able to isolate Ministress Lubben’s contribution to his own video (along with some comments…and he has given approval for me to repost it. And trust me…it is the real deal. The Mount Vesuvius of Hot Flowing Mess.

This segment has it all: the usual Shelley Lubben hyperbole about the deadly dangers of porn (“We kill more people than the music industry!!”); the hacknyed and overblown stats pulled virtually out of her ass (70% of performers are drug abusers????); the arrogance of attempting to represent every and all porn performers (” I represent the MAJORITY!!!!!”) as if her 17…..errrrrrrrrrrrrr, 30 films in nine months makes her the prototype (even though she readily misquotes folk like Jenna Jameson and Belladonna to back up her whack claims)…and of course, her Messiah complex of being God’s Chosen Porn Savior (even though she breaks down into the typical porn speak near the end of her rant).

Would have been excellent for a ministry rally.  For a highbrow English University debate? Not so much.

Anyways, here’s JordanOwen’s video..and he simply lets it rip without any analysis of his own. After watching, you will understand why.

And remember..this same woman had her tits signed by Ron Jeremy two months later. Smooth, Shelley.

Shelley Lubben addressing the Cambridge Society debate regarding the question: “This House believes that pornography does a good public service” (clipped from official Cambridge Society video, with opening comments by JordanOwen42, via YouTube)

Addendum: YouTube viewer Donnie Gerrard (donniegerrard) has released a very intriguing video giving his thoughts on Lubben and what may be motivating her myopia.



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