Sometimes It Really IS That Easy….The Ministress’ Latest Attempt At Crapaganda Blows Up In Her Face

“People always say to me, ‘The camera doesn’t lie’. Well, people can lie with a camera.” — former NBC News anchor/correspondent/journalist Linda Ellerbee

Let’s say, for instance, that you are a prominent antipornography activist who has been riding high off the profits of those you have maligned and abused for so long. Yet you face real trouble on the horizon: the victims of your campaign have rallied and are fighting back, your empire is crumbling from within as former members bail out on you and expose your inner workings; and your attempts at censorship have only resulted in restraining orders lobbed right back at you. How, exactly, do you rally yourself and your troops??

Well…if you happen to be Shelley Lubben, you simply make yet another one of your craptacular propaganda videos essentially linking porn with rape, and then hope that the blind outrage supersedes any attempt at reasonable logic.

Which is exactly what the Ministeress attempted to do today.

For what it is worth, this is the latest video that appeared over at Shelley’s YouTube channel, interjecting featured comments by Lubben at various venues with what she labeled as “shocking footage of ‘porn sex'” involving what appeared to be some very abusive and outright degrading depictions of sex scenes being shot.

One “scene” depected a woman clearly distressing from doing what appears to be an anal scene without any benefit of lube or desire; with the woman screaming, “It hurts so much!! It hurts so much!!” Another scene — complete with the required subtitles, just so that you get the point — showed another female performer raging at her fellow mate for attempting to put something in her that she didn’t want, ultimately resulting in said woman pushing said man off her and getting off the couch, cussing and fussing all the way.

There was also a still screen shot of yet another woman with a man’s arms around her, apparently being choked, with an expression of what appears to be utter pain and dread on her face.

And through it all, Shelley was doing voice overs and throwing up her usual flak about how this is exactly what the porn industry is really about, and how everything else is simply the propaganda used to hide “the truth” that PORN KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!

In short, it was the usual Lubbenesque party line, kicked up to Emeril Lagasse notches unknown.

If you weren’t a regular follower of Shelley and her antics, you might have been convinced.

Strangely enough, it was enough to convince even a pronounced critic of Lubben, Julie Meadows, who posted the Lubben clip as part of a blog post where she expressed her disgust for what she saw, and challenged Shelley to name names and scenes. (Julie has taken to copyrighting her posts now in order to protect herself, so I won’t provide any quotes without her approval; you’ll just have to go over there for now and read for yourself.)

Considering that Julie has had her own run-ins with asshole producers and shifty smash-mouth “gonzo horror gothic” producers like Max Hardcore, it’s perfectly understandable why she reacted the way she did. And it did seem that the deliberate manipulation of emotions intended by the video would have a payoff.

And then, the truth intervened to bust the bubble of lies…with the prick provided by Michael Whiteacre, that old nemesis that haunts Shelley Lubben the way stank used to haunt privvies.

First, Whiteacre brought some much needed background context into the debate, including Lubben’s prior attempts at chacanery and distortion:

To the best of my knowledge, that is NOT secret “unreleased” Behind-the-Scenes footage. I wonder what the Behind-The-Scenes footage of those scenes really show — like, perhaps, that the performers were unharmed and pleased with the scene? Lubben was 100% wrong in her criticism of Anna Span’s video (that the performer “hated it” and was obviously in pain). The real BTS footage showed a performer who herself suggested the action in the scene that Lubben assumed was abusive, and was elated before, during and after.

Video like that can be edited a hundred different ways. We don’t know — absent context — whether the performers were coached to play up the “abusive” pro emotional aspects. What I do know is there’s not a single reputable producer in the industry who would release something like that without also releasing the BTS footage showing consent as a CYA move.

I’ve seen lots of contestants cry on camera during various intense “challenge” TV shows, and on Fear Factor. I’d like to see a video compilation of moments of extreme TV show contestants breaking down from strain, anxiety, heartbreak or exhaustion on camera. “Shocking Footage of Contestants Abused on Extreme TV.”

And then Michael did what few of those who follow antiporn extremist tactics are willing to do: he actually beat Shelley to the punch and actually sourced the video clips used by Lubben in her video. The results??

I have just been informed that the scenes in this video are all stolen from efukt clips. The content is from Duke Skywalker’s “Facial Abuse” and JM Productions “Porn Most Outrageous Outtakes.” This is not “secret footage the porn industry doesn’t want you to see.”

One clip is “Whoregasm” Date: 9.6.11, from JM’s “Porn’s Most Outrageous Outtakes Vol. 2″; another is “Dude Upstages Everyone at Gangbang” Date: 8.3.11; the “Facial Abuse” scene is from “Pornstar Meltdown” 8.21.09 – her name is “Ellie.”

Oh, big surprise. Shocking, indeed. Shelley STEALS clips from other sources and then alters them without the original approval to serve her agenda?? Where’s YouTube on this??  Call the DMCA cops!!!

But wait, it gets better. The actual site where those clips were stolen from is called (warning, very NSFW link), which brands itself as an “adult humor site” that pretty much panders to the same  male adolescent “Bevis and Butt-head” audience that Larry Flynt used to pander to in the old days of HUSTLER, with the “Chester the Molester” toons and the scatalogical humor and the “politically incorrect” off color bantering.

But the most important thing about those clips??  Most of them were outtakes. OUTTAKES.  In fact, one of the principle videos from which these clips were produced was titiled: Porn’s Most Dangerous Outtakes, Volume 2; the other video cited was a JM Productions rag titled Facial Abuse…which basically sounds like a particularly extreme gothic fetish vid.

Shocking?? Yes. Disturbing??? Definitely. The embodiment of “porn rape”?? Not so much.

And, about as representative of what really happens at porn shoots as David Duke being a civil rights activist.

Don’t get me wrong here…there are plenty of assholes and predators in adult who will stop at nothing to trick women into doing things that can be hazardous or injurous..or worse. And porn producers need to do a much better job of screening out such people.

But, if one thing can be made perfectly clear from this debacle, it is this: With Shelley Lubben, The Monstrous Lie is a feature, not a bug. If you have to depend on her to “save” porn women from themselves, then you are truly fucked. And not in the good way, either.