Because When Life Deals You Lemons, Whine And Bully The One Who Has The Scoreboard On You: Gail Dines, Jordan Owen, and “Squish Muffins”

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It has not been a good week for Gail Dines, me thinks.

There was that survey that came out that concluded that there was a genuine correlation between regularly watching porn and supporting marriage equality between gay and straight people. That put a serious dent into her attempts to slam porn as the epitome of inequality.

Then, James Franco had to go and make an evenhanded documentary praising the art of kinky porn portal, and it made a decent splash at the Sundance Film Festival two weeks ago. That kinda stuck in Gail’s craw plenty…enough for her to fire off this essay to CounterPunch.

But then, this weekend, as if all that wasn’t enough, Dines had to endure her greatest nemesis.  No, not Tristian Taormino or Nina Hartley, whom she generally avoids like the plague because either one of the latter ladies would make the Wheelock College tenured professor look like a Tea Party troll.

No, this time it was Jordan Owen  — musician, author, and libertarian YouTube icon – who decided to singe her one more time for her antiporn lunacy with a video response to her CounterPunch article on (as well as a video done by Pornography Harms’ chief moll/porn slayer Dawn Hawkins).

You would think that a high falutin’ tenured professor would act above the fray and actually engage the arguments of her ideas. Until today with Gail, you’d think right…but apparently the pressure just got way too much and she inevitably had to vent her spleen.

Which she did in spades today at her personal Facebook page. (I won’t provide a link since I don’t want to provide her any more bandwidth than she deserves, but since it is public record and her page is still open to all, it’s open season for reading.)

Gail’s often hinted in her work that she’s seen plenty of Jordan’s series of YouTube videos counterposting her antiporn beliefs and theories and data, but before today she’s basically flipped him off without recognition. Today, however, she got pissed off enough to lift the veil and give Jordan his full credit for getting into her head.

First text, posted this morning (click on thumbnail for better viewing):


Notice how all of the bases of typical antiporn stereotyping of “porny men” are touched by Gail. Obviously, Jordan, who happens to be a Berklee grad, who is the lead guitarist for a band called Leaving Babylon, and who has written and published a book (Eros Empire) detailing his basic libertarian defense of adult sexual media and free choice for consenting adults, is reduced to nothing more than a Cheetos eating wanker who jerks off 10 times a day watching gangbangs and BDSM. And, of course, his detailed and fact-supported arguments against Dines and other antiporn fundamentalists are simply “inarticulate” one-handed rants, since his other hand is apparently too sprained from jerking off alone.

His actual refuting of her ideas, on the other hand?? Cue the Cricket Symphony.

It’s so tickling that a woman who promotes herself as a scholar, a feminist, a tenured professor who relies on evidence and data to support her well crafted philosophies, becomes so reduced to ad hominens and middle-school grade insults when confronted with actual facts and data that prove her arguments to be intellectual Ponzi schemes.

But, then again, it’s par for the course for Gail. It all depends on who you are. Are you a man who challenges her “facts”?? You’re just a mindless porn addict wanker..or a rapist. A woman who works in porn?? You’re a “fucking sellout”, or even “a pimp”. Someone of the Left who doesn’t march in perfect step with the Book of St. Andrea (Dworkin)?? You be a “neoliberal” capitalist using women to make money!!!

Oh….but Gail was just warming up. Later, she posted this:


Right, Gail….because only antipornography “feminists” are the ones who are absolutely persecuted endlessly by “porny men” who dare to defend their humanity against your catcalls of smearing them as “capitalists” and purveyors of “hate sex” and wielders of killer penises. Therefore, only antiporn “feminists” get to properly vent their rage and anger through insulting their targets (and silencing and making invisible the women in porn whose experiences don’t exactly match the Template of eternal rape and degradation) and seeking legislation to banish the sources of their anger from the face of the earth.

And this is really hilarious: “This means building a good life and finding joy where you can.” You mean, Professor Dines, that those women who build a good life and make a nice bunch of pennies performing sex they already like without any damage to them or their consumers don’t have the same right to find joy where they can, too??

But of all the venality of Dines’ tantrum against Jordan Owen, this quote takes the win for most venial of all:


Remember….Gail Dines just essentially objectified Jordan Owen by reducing him to his penis…and then has the gall to accuse him of reducing a woman to a pet phrase for her vagina.  And, not even a particularly insulting pet phrase, either…I’ve seen and heard quite worse. How does she know that that particular endearment wasn’t created by a woman describing herself?? Oh, wait….women aren’t supposed to have such ideas and thoughts in their brains, that’s imposed on them by the evol patriarchy through the capitalist porn conspiracy!!!

Such is the state of antiporn “feminism” these days. Nice going, Gail.

Jordan, BTW, is planning his rebuttal even as I type this….stay tuned.

Update (2-13-13):   From planning to reality……I give you Jordan Owen’s rebuttal to Gail:

And, major props to Jordan for citing and reading out this post, too.

Also….Aspasia over at LaLibertine’s Salon decides to bring her paddle of truth (and her knowledge of religious art history) to whack Gail for her “crusaders killed my people” smack. Please, by all means, go there.


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