Chuck Norris Goes "Walker, Texas Wingnut" Over Abortion, Slut Shaming, and…Mary Magaldene???

We all know how wingnut celebs can go off the chain…see Michelle Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, etc., etc,. and so on.

Some are more wingnutty then others, though…and a few just simply are off the charts.

Actor Chuck Norris — known for such distinct film and TV credits as The Rifleman, Missing in Action, and Walker: Texas Ranger — has become a rather outspoken Hard Right wingutter activist these days…and this week, he solidified his place in the Ulterverse of the Crazaa with a speil posted to Rich Lowry’s Human Events online rag addressing one of his favored pet peeves: namely, abortion as part of the Vast Leftist/Socialist/Secularist Conspiracy against God-Fearin’, Gun-Luvin’, Superkickin’ America. (His support for the secession of Texas from the Union aside, of course.)

The essay begins with Norris bemoaning current happenings in Washington D.C., regarding the current health care debate…especially what Chuckie sees as the dire threat of them Socialist Democrats to the safety of the preborn::

First, last Monday the Senate rejected the health care reform bill amendment introduced by Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb., and Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, that would have banned federal funds from providing for abortion.

Then, on Thursday, the House of Representatives rushed the clandestine approval of an overinflated $1 trillion omnibus bill, which includes 5,224 earmarks — costing about $3.9 billion — and an underhanded provision that would overturn a long-standing budget ban in the District of Columbia (whose budget is overseen by Congress) for federally funding abortions.

Then, after the Democratic-controlled Senate cleared a procedural vote on Saturday needed to end a Republican filibuster, in yet another near-secret Sunday afternoon session, the Senate passed the omnibus bill and the provision for Washington, D.C. Tragically, the bill also would appropriate $648.5 million for “international family planning” funding (an increase of $103 million over 2009) and would give funding for Planned Parenthood and the United Nations Population Fund, both of which have pro-abortion agendas.

In short, while President Obama was accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, the Democrats in Congress drove a sword through the womb of the unborn.

Of course, this essay was written before today’s news that Senator Nelson was threatening to block and filibuster the entire Senate HCR bill unless his favored antiabortion riders were included (and the further reductions of the tiny crumbs of subsidies to the poor that would serve as mostly candy sprikle over the mountain of crap giveaway/blackmail to Big Insura)…but that’s more irrelevant to this story for now.

Now, Chuck Norris has every right to state his opposition to abortion, as does every American citizen. And if he has the bucks to use a rag like Human Events to spill his seeds of anger, well, more power to him.

It’s a bit more problematic, though, when you attempt to reenforce your case with rhetoric like this:

Washington certainly has reached a new low by forcing American citizens who oppose abortion to pay for abortions via their taxes in this massively comprehensive way. Is it intentionally trying to spark the next Boston Tea Party? When our greatest values are thrown under the omnibus, how do they expect us to respond? (Washington’s wild spending and abandonment of traditional values and our Founders’ vision is what prompted me to add a 64-page expansion to the new paperback version of my New York Times best-seller Black Belt Patriotism, being released in January through Fidelis Books. See the new Web site at [Norris’s webpage redacted, just google for it yourself.].)

Let’s forget about the gross pimping of Norris’ tome (gee, I guess that rather than throw tea into Boston Harbor, righties should just Superkick them evil socialist Dems out of power??) and get to the main heart of his graph: that federal funds are being used to fund abortions.  Someone might want to alert Chuckles that there already is a prohibition in the law called the Hyde Amendment, that pretty much eliminates federal funding for such matters.

Now, what the Nelson amendment  — and its House equivalent by Michigan Rep. Bart Stupak that is already included in the House version of the HCR legislation (which, of course, wingnuts like Norris still oppose to the death as “socialist”) — would do is to deny any health care entity using money from whatever “exchange” is used to expand health care beyond the private system, if not any HC provider using the exchange itself, from offering any form of reproductive remedy for women….including abortion, contraception, or even selling condoms.  The amendment would also allow providers to use “conscienciious religious objection” to deny the provision of treatment such as contraception or any other form of prescription based on conservative morality…even for patients who have already paid for their services.

Hummph….I guess that throwing women’s autonomy and reproductive choices under the “onmibus” as well as allowing fundamentalist Christians a back door means of imposing their fascist morality on the rest of us isn’t considered enough for Norris to warrent “the next Boston Tea Party”, right?? And, like I said, he’ll still oppose the bill anyway due to its “reckless Washington spending” on giving those shiftless lazy niggaz and illegal aliens….errrrr, poor, government dependent Black and Latin@ poor folk….access to health care they clealy don’t deserve.  That must be reserved for Real Amerikins’…those who know how to dropkick Muslims, homosexuals, and slutty feminazis.  Uh-huh.

Next, Norris reveals the value of wingnut education though a (mis)reading of polling data:

Obama and Congress’ pro-abortion steps are being taken despite a recent nationwide survey that revealed that 4 in 5 U.S. adults would limit abortion’s legality. One in 3 would limit abortion to rape, incest or the saving of a mother’s life. One in 3 also would limit abortion to either the first three or first six months. Only 9 percent said abortion should be legal for any reason at any time during pregnancy.

Sounds interesting…except for the fact that you could interpret the same numbers to say that 67% would NOT limit the right of a woman to terminate pregnancy to the issues of rape, incest, or threat to the mother’s life; that the second study could just as easily be intrepreted to say that the same 67% would favor keeping abortion safe and legal within the first, if not the second trimester of pregnancy (where the overwhelming majority of abortions take place); and with the common sense note that it’s hardly likely that a woman would wait until after the 18th week of pregnancy just to decide to cut it off, so any third-trimester terminations are probably based on the dire threats to the life of the mother); and that very, very few people other than a fire-breathing radical feminist would even come close to promoting abortion on the 23rd week of pregnancy. Perhaps that’s why Norris doesn’t link the “nationwide survey” so that people of good cause can analyze it….common sense comes a dime a quadrillion for these folk.

After some more pimping and calls of the usual push poll, “call your Congressman and STOP this Modern preborn holocaust”, Norris gets to the heart of his mission as to how the war on the preborn dovetails with that other wingnut war without end, the “War on Christmas”. The results are, shall we say, stunning:

Lastly, as we near the eve of another Christmas, I wonder: What would have happened if Mother Mary had been covered by Obamacare? What if that young, poor and uninsured teenage woman had been provided the federal funds (via Obamacare) and facilities (via Planned Parenthood, etc.) to avoid the ridicule, ostracizing, persecution and possible stoning because of her out-of-wedlock pregnancy? Imagine all the great souls who could have been erased from history and the influence of mankind if their parents had been as progressive as Washington’s wise men and women! Will Obamacare morph into Herodcare for the unborn?

Hold up a sec…..we are talking about Mary Magaldene, right??  The former prostitute who just so happened to be selected by The Lord Almighty to concieve through Virgin Birth (that means NO cheap whorish sex, Chuck) the future King of Kings and Prince of Peace…the one who while living talked about doing onto others as you would “the least of thee”; the one who gave the Sermon on the Mount; the one who drove the Moneychangers out of the Temple?? And….the one who said that thing about “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”?? I know, I know…that’s not the Wingnut version of the story of Jesus Christ that Chuck Norris would abide to, but it is His words as spoken in the Holy Word that is the Bible…why the hell would Obama “liberals” stone Holy Mary for that?? And I would probably guess that Mary, Mother of God, probably would be willing to accept health care (or, at least, a clean and safe manger) to bring Jesus into this world, right?? Because, I don’t really think that The Lord would take too kindly to the mother of his Son being stoned…see the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah for lesser offenses like raping angels.

In fact, Chuckie, you might want to consider your Teabagger allies before you run any smack about liberals wanting to stone women and kill babies….because wasn’t Herod  more of a right-winger who would side with the Moneychangers??

And as for “being erased from history and the influence of mankind”…would that include those who died due to the Inquisition or the Middle Ages wars of religion??

Ahhhh…yeah. Herodcare, indeed.

Of course, as Renee from Womanist Musings pointed out so clearly, all Norris is revealing is his own misogynistic myopia:

What’s a little holiday slut shaming between devout Christians, right?  Perhaps, if women’s bodies were not stigmatized, being an unwed mother would not be problematic?  It seems like a reasonable assumption to me.  Instead of giving birth in a manger, socialized healthcare would mean pre-natal care (shocking, I know) and a safe delivery in a hospital….but hey, it’s only baby Jesus, right?  Who needs good medical care when you are giving birth to the son of God?  Interestingly enough, I think Herod would be more inline with present day Conservative positions than Obama….but hey, who needs historical accuracy and logic when you have disciplining and slut shaming to do.  Of course, Mary did keep her legs crossed but being a woman in a patriarchal society means that no matter the situation, you are always guilty of something.

I’m so sure that Chuckles would be so caring for all the other poor single women who were pregnant, barefoot, and suffering at that time.  Sure, he would.

Oh, but wait….Norris isn’t finished thursting yet

America doesn’t need to turn the page on culture wars, such as the one on abortion. It needs to reopen the pages of its history to our Founders’ elevated views of and rights for all human beings (including those in the womb), as documented in the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. We need to revive and re-instill their value of humanity back into society, our children and our children’s children.

And most of all, Washington needs to run our government as Thomas Jefferson outlined in an 1809 letter: “The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government.”

Oh, so the Declaration of Independence actualy did say that all unborn children were as worthy of life as the already born…and that all human beings  — including women, Blacks (that slavery thing excluded), poor people without wealth or property, and of course the Native and Hispanic population not unfortunate enough to get slaughtered and their homelands stolen from under them — are worthy of protection for their freedom of religion…as long as that religion serves The Bible According to Rush Limbaugh. Oh, wait…it didn’t?? And most of the Founding Fathers were actually Deists who didn’t believe in God….and specifically opposed mixing Church and State?? What are ‘ya…an evil athiest Socialist Liberal Muslim from Kenya??? Why, you anti-American Commie, I oughta…. *smack to the ground*

I could say something against all this crap, but Renee says it so much better than I could, so I’ll just borrow from her.

When all else fails, just call upon the founders because they weren’t in the least bit flawed, like every other person that has walked the planet.  We can just ignore that the rights that they were fighting for benefitted privileged, rich, educated White men, who interestingly enough, aside from the educated part, are quite a bit like Norris himself.  Women and Blacks weren’t even considered people but hey, why let a little thing like that tarnish the image of the saintly founders? Perhaps, the lure of manifest destiny and the slaughter of millions of First Nations peoples kept them to busy to consider the morality of their actions.  You know how it is when you get an idea in your head, if you a goal driven person.

When you examine who is touting conservative values, how can their views be taken seriously?  From Sara Palin to Chuck Norris, not a one of them has a functioning brain cell between them.  They always hearken back to this mythical past, ignoring that in reality, for those living during that time it was a nightmare.  Before the women’s movement there were no domestic violence shelters.  How many women lived with their abusers with no possibility of escape?  Before Roe vs Wade, how many women died in back alley abortions?  If the past was perfect, we should ask who was it perfect for because I am certain that an unemployed, single Black mother has it rough today and she would have had it even worse in previous times.

When we pull the curtain away from the wizard, what we see is failed logic desperately employed to reduce the lives of women, while maintaining patriarchal power.  If Norris is so concerned about teh babies, why isn’t he actively working to fight child poverty or for better education in schools? The bottom line is that none of this concern troll knuckle twisting is really about concern for children; it is about disciplining women for daring to demand control over their reproduction.   If children really mattered, they would not be abused, undereducated, and used as a political tools by people.

Oh, but Rene..folks like Walker, Texas Wingnut are certainly concerned about the education of our youth…which is why he is so keen on black belts and karate training. How else should a right-wing whackjob deal with women whom he wants to control???


Shelley Lubben: The Michelle Bachmann Of Ex-Slut Ministers…And Completely Off The Rail Batsh*t Crazaa

You know…all during all this time that I’ve been offline for various reasons these past few weeks, so much have happened that I wold have loved to post about here, but simply couldn’t.

Everything from Boss Limbaugh’s flameout after being stoned from purchasing the St. Louis Rams, to the twists and turns of the Heath Care Reform debate, to our two Louisiana US Senators, Landrieu and Vitter, showing different ways to show off their asses and deflect my home state’s already tepid image (with great help from that Hammond/Tangipahoa Parish Justice of the Peace who managed to avoid the passing of the 20th Century regarding the right of marriage).

More than likely, I will get to those stories….but just now I just discovered something so freakin’ stunning that it absolutely had to jump to the front of the queue.

There is actually someone who is more batshitty and wingnutty than Michelle Bachmann.

Her name: Shelley Lubben.

In fact, you could probably say that these two were seperated at birth, if you weren’t too careful, because they share the same loony gene.

Everyone here knows fully well about the Congresswoman from Minnesota and her history….and most of you by now also know about the former porn starlet turned born-again “ex-slut/ex-porn” minister who is now deeply involved with the efforts to censor the porn industry in LA. Lubben has been one of the major screech hounds in reaction to the most recent July HIV porn “outbreak:, where one performer was found to have tested HIV-positive; joining AIDS activist Micheel Weinstein in calling for federal intervention to force mandatory use of condoms in porn films as a means of “protecting” the talent….the talent’s own beliefs be damned.

Mostly, though, Shelley Lubben has been basically applying all the subtlety and  zealotry of the “ex-gay” ministries and their approach to homosexuals to leave their evil “deathstyle” to the performers of porn….warning them of all the evil bad nasty dirty things that happen to porn stars as compared to those who follow her lead and find “the light of Christ” through her Pink Cross ministry.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), Ms. Lubben, in her zeal to support her agenda and speread her ministry to the unwashed heathen porn sluts, is looking more and  more like she has swallowed just a bit too much of the lunacy root.

Take, for instance, her most recent joint presser in LA this past month with the aformentioned Weinstein, where the two announced a joint action lawsuit against some major porn companies (including Vivid, HUSTLER, and the like) seeking to force them to shoot exclusively condom only porn scenes. Ostensively, the goal is to protect the “girls” in the industry; but apparently, Lubben seems to have a low opinion of the very people whom she wants to “save”.(from here, via here and here)

Lubben says that consumers should be aware that porn stars are diseased.

“We want the fans to know what they’re contributing to,” Lubben told the LA Times. “They’re demanding harder and grosser porn. We want to educate them to exactly what they’re watching — diseased people [emphasis added]. It’s illegal for bodily fluids to touch skin, and yet it happens every single day in the porn industry.”

Let’s forget about that “illegal for bodily fluids to touch people” smack, which would if fully enforced fill the LA County Jails with plenty of janitors, sewer workers, sanitation workers, and the like; and cut right to the “diseased people” remark.  Really, Shelley…is that any way to sell your cause to people who want to join your ministry??

Especially since Lubben is so fond of ministering her faith to the industry that she and her Pink Cross ministry makes it a point to appear at every single XXX convention to promote themselves as former porn starlets??  Apparently, porn starlets aren’t too “diseased” that Lubben can’t exploit their conventions to preach her special ministry.

Now, porn starlets like Vicky Vette, Nina Hartley, Kayden Kross, and a few others have risen up both to defend their profession and the performer’s rights of self-autonomy, and to correct the record on HIV/STI use and abuse within porn, and to challenge the position that porn starlets are mindless drones and “cumdumpsters” who need the power of the state to think for them. Needless to say, that hasn’t stopped Lubben from her stated goals….not in the least.

Which brings us to some of her latest antics…as in this video where she and one of her associates attempts to browbeat and harrass Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch, which Lubben claims to be one of the main “porn overlords” and abusers of women, during the recent Adultcon convention in LA last October….never mind that Vivid was in fact condom only until last year and that their content tends to go more towards a couples- and women-based audience. T

This is what she posted to her Pink Cross blog:

October 2, 3, 4 – The Pink Cross hits AdultCon, ANOTHER porn convention in the city of Los Angeles. Back to back conventions, you ask? That’s right. Pink Cross will stop at nothing to reach out to porn stars, porn addicts and expose the truth about porn.

The team again goes all out to educate porn fans and adult workers on the truth behind the lie of porn offering love and hope at the same time, Shelley is interviewed by ABC on the convention floor, prays healing over porn stars and porn addicts, and interrupts an interview between Lisa Ling, special correspondent for the Oprah Winfrey Show, and Steve Hirsch, CEO of Vivid Entertainment, the world’s largest porn company, in which she challenges Steve to a public debate. deems Steve Hirsh the “Porn King” but is Steve Hirsch as powerful and credible as the world perceives? We’ll let you decide.

And here is the clip (divided in two parts) showing “the team” (i.e., Lubben and her associate) attempting their FOX-style ambush of Hirsch:

Ex-porn starlet turned fundie antiporn activist Shelley Lubben and “friend” attempting to “ambush” exec Steve Hirsch (from, via YouTube; h/t to Cindi Lofus over at
Yup….really classy there, Shelley.

Now, there is some real debate within the industry itself over how to treat Shelley Lubben’s ministry….basically, there are those — even active porn performers —  who say that she should at least be respected for revealing the darker side of porn performing and giving those not fortunate enough to avoid the setbacks a vehicle to get out and start afresh….and then there are those who say that she and Pink Cross are nothing more than leeches and fundamentalists who use porn as a vehicle to destroy the lives of others and should get no support for her campaign of destruction.

If Lubben actually showed some class and respect for those who disagree with her, it would be an easier choice.

Problem is, she is so much of a publicity whore and a zealot for her cause that she tends to simply allow her zealotry to overwhelm her…which is why she responded so abruptly and so quickly when the porn blog decided to reveal her antics at Adultcon with the heading “SHELLEY LUBBEN HAS LOST HER MIND!!…”

The result was this quite entertaining and, dare I say, thought provoking exchange in the ensuing comments section, where Shelley (“slubben”) responds back in style.

Kelli Says:

This is supposed to be funny? All I notice is someone with a total and complete lack of manners stalking industry insiders to try and gain fame and publicity.

I think she has the right to her beliefs but if what she really wanted was to “do the right thing” then there are clearly much better ways to go about it than what she is doing. Rudely interrupting an interview, and following people around the convention floor and flat out stalking them really shows her true colors.(October 20th, 2009 (2 days ago) at 1:47 p)

slubben Says:

I think it’s rude you exploit women with known drug and alcohol problems. I clicked on your site to see some of your slaves at and saw at least five well known porn stars with serious drug and alcohol addictions.
Most of us know which ones I’m talking about.
As far as manners, are you kidding me? You’re the one promoting white house sluts.

Enough you hypocrite!  October 20th, 2009 (2 days ago) at 2:10 p

Allow me to intervene here….this is a classic and all too typical tactic of Shelley when confronted with performers who don’t quite agree with her or do not march gleefully in the Godly-centered path she lays out for them; she attacks them for “exploiting women” and then hints at threats to out certain performers for their “serious alcohol or drug problems.” As for “white house sluts”…well, I’ll just leave that to her imagination.

Other commentators get into the act:

Third Axis Says:

Shelley, you’re not funny, you’re not clever, and you’re certainly not original. Yours is a tired, worn-out schtick that goes back to Carrie Nation and other such Christian social-dogmatists.

Religion is not now, nor has it ever been, an “answer” to anything. It’s just a great way to make a buck and fulfill a desperate need for attention. Your public antics make you look and sound ridiculous. Leave this kind of act to Michael Moore; he’s much better at it.(October 20th, 2009 (2 days ago) at 3:06 p)

And then it starts getting into the bizarre:


slubben Says:

Anybody want to debate? (October 20th, 2009 (2 days ago) at 3:33 p)


sammyglick Says:

Huh? Did I miss something????

First of all, what was the point of the two videos? So you interrupted an interview between Steve Hirsch and lightweight journalist Lisa Ling. You could have at least made THAT interesting — yet you backed down and agreed to nothing, when you could have at least gotten Hirsch on camera with Lisa Ling looking like an idiot (if you’d gotten the cameras to capture your point of view and his efforts to sneak out on an honest debate).

Yet you didn’t and you then just follow him around like a lost groupie. Again, coming off as foolish at best and dumb at worst. Sure, you got him looking just as dumb, but at least he managed to outwit you by sneaking off somewhere. Subsequently, you make yourself look like a total loon/nitwit, what with asking just about everyone and the janitor where ‘Steve Hirsch’ is.

Or more to the point, you could have asked the SAME people if they knew where Alex Rodriguez, Tim Geithner or Carrie Prejean was and you’d gotten the SAME BLANK LOOKS!!!!!

You failed to make any valid or significant points for your arguments with this trite and more often than not, flat out stupid video.

Why not truly stand up for your convictions and oh I dunno…hang out at the Vivid booth all day patiently waiting for Steve to come debate you? You wouldn’t even need to be a pest — you could just stand PATIENTLY by the side and/or nearby and just wait. That’s it — just document waiting for him to show up and when he doesn’t, you’ve proved your point (however thin it might be). Or even better, you could have gotten Steve while speaking to Lisa Ling, to agree in principle to debate you (either with Lisa asking the questions, or at his convention booth, or at his offices) and again…when he weaseled out, then post the results.

Heck, you didn’t even go after Lisa Ling to see if she would consider adding you and your viewpoints to her segment. If she turned you down, then you’d have another piece of ‘evidence’ I suppose, showing the media ignoring your viewpoints on porn (although you’d have a hard time really proving this, considering all of the anti-porn hatchet pieces the major broadcast networks have produced over the years — the biggest being when Diane Sawyer got Belladonna to ‘cry’ on camera and nearly denounce her porn career).

In fact, Nightline has done two pieces I believe on an anti-porn ministry that recently moved their church to Las Vegas. So you’d probably have no problem getting the support of Lisa Ling; if only because she could become the next journalist to boost their career, taking un-factual potshots at Porn Valley. Yet from what I can tell, you didn’t even think to go follow her or her segment producers around the convention floor to tell ‘your side’ of the adult industry.

The point being is that your lame attempt at humor TOTALLY backfired. Your efforts to promote your cause just laid a giant goose egg.(October 20th, 2009 (2 days ago) at 3:34 p)



sammyglick Says:

Slubben – I clicked on your site to see some of your slaves at and saw at least five well known porn stars with serious drug and alcohol addictions.
Most of us know which ones I’m talking about.

Come’on, don’t leave us in the cheap seats hanging! What is this, a Page Six blind item?! Names sergeant, names!!!!! (October 20th, 2009 (2 days ago) at 3:45 p)


slubben Says:

Whoever you are who puts down everybody from Sasha Grey to Ron Jeremy on this board, please help me find SOMEONE in the porn industry who has some brains and a promising pair of “cojones” to debate me publicly.

I tire of these amateur comments made by anonymous weaklings who hide behind their computers. Come out publicly cowards and debate me!! (October 20th, 2009 (2 days ago) at 4:27 p)

Now that’s funny…..someone who wants to convert every single porn starlet to Christianity and who demeans their lifestyle and professon as “diseased” attempts to use the names of Sasha Grey and Ron Jeremy to defend herself…and then calls for a “debate”??? Gee, Shelley…what’s wrong, I thought that you could handle opponents of lesser lights??

But even that’s not good enough for Lubben…as we see later on in the exchange:

sammyglick Says:

I hate to say one is a moron, but you really are one Mr. General.

I’m not so sure about how much attention Ms. Lubben is drawing to her cause here on LIB — but it sure isn’t much if I had to simply go off of views on YouTube. Just a casual look tells me she’s not getting much attention, as a tribute video of ‘Classic Era’ porn stars, gets more views by a factor of three than most anything she’s done (except for her appearance on The 700 Club…and I dare say, the traffic to that video in particular, came from those who watch said show).

Or put another way, the video of a cute little kid talking about kittens is close to six million views. Ms. Lubben could only DREAM of getting that kind of exposure.

Secondly, I seriously doubt ANYONE who post regularly on LIB (or even reads the site and just lurks) is going to give a dime to Ms. Lubben. Yet you can theorize all day that somehow, the simple act of the regular LIB Peanut Gallery is going to send hundreds of thousands of dollars her way.

Or put another way, when I go home and watch the local and national news, there won’t be ONE MENTION today of her ‘Stalking Hirsch’ video…nor will there be any mention of her subsequent actions to show porn talent ‘the religious light’ tomorrow…next week…next month…next year (unless she actually becomes oh I dunno, media savvy and learns it’s pointless to harass Hirsch and then post idiotic videos of her lame stalking tactics…instead, she use some common sense and calls established media outlets and harass THEM until they give her some free airtime).

Third, I don’t personally despise Ms. Lubben. Those are YOUR words (and perhaps, a Freudian Slip on your part?). Rather, I would prefer not to have my time wasted with nonsense cultivated in fantasyland. It would have been one thing if her two videos, totaling nearly 20 minutes, actually had a point. They don’t. While her ministry might very well be valid and a good thing for a certain segment of the adult industry, she’s a poor spokesperson for it as she fails to grasp even the simplest concepts of the current media culture.

Or put another way, she’s about as clever as the family who thought they could get a Reality TV show if they faked their six year old son being in somesort of immediate jeopardy.

October 20th, 2009 (2 days ago) at 4:59 p

 slubben Says:

Enough nonsense. I challenge Sharon Mitchell, Nina Hartley, Ernest Greene, Steve Hirsch and Larry Flynt to a debate tomorrow night, Wednesday October 21, at the Downtown Los Angeles Marriott Hotel at 10 pm in the lobby.

333 Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90071 in case you don’t know how to google it.

Whoever doesn’t show up mentioned in the list above, their names will be sent out to every Los Angeles media contact I have named as a “coward”.

Be there. October 20th, 2009 (2 days ago) at 5:42 p


So, Shelley Lubben thinks that by her very prestige as a former porn starlet from 10 15 years ago who has done exactly 17 videos and maybe 3 pictorals or so, and whom has been out of the business for nearly 10 years, she still can challenge the long time CEO of Hustler Magazine, a 25 year legend and sex activist and prominent feminist, and a man who was a professional radio talk show host as well as a prominent health activist on his own right (AND Mr. Hirsch, too) to a debate on 24 hour notice??? Yeah, I’m really sure that Nina, Ernest, Mr. Flynt, and Sharon Mitchell are more than willing to drop their personal business to meet her in the back alleyways and debate the finer points of porn protection.

Memo to Ms. Lubben: If you can’t handle the likes of Vicky Vette or Kayden Kross or Lisa Ann, who by themselves would intellectually kick your ass the way the New Orleans Saints offense drove through the New York Giant defense last Sunday, how in the hell do you think that you can outlast Nina freakin’ Hartley??  Hell, I’d put Renegade Evolution up against you in a debate, and she’d rip your arguments from pillar to post. You can’t fight bazookas with pea shooters, you know.

Oh…and perhaps you might want to retract that “coward” remark, since I haven’t seen you do any public debating with any of those esteemed opponents as of late..even when they have openly challenged for a fair and open debate.

See the resembulance with Bachmann Overdrive, Clones??

At least one of the LIB regulars sees the lunacy and is willing to call her out on it.


The President Says:

challenge Sharon Mitchell, Nina Hartley, Ernest Greene, Steve Hirsch
and Larry Flynt to a debate tomorrow night, Wednesday October 21, at
the Downtown Los Angeles Marriott Hotel at 10 pm in the lobby.


doesn’t show up mentioned in the list above, their names will be sent
out to every Los Angeles media contact I have named as a “coward”.


is going to debate you because you aren’t worth it, lady. This is where
you belong, right here on the cheap blogs where nothing really matters
and we’re all just here for entertainment’s sake. In related nutjob
news, I don’t think President Obama will be inviting Fred Phelps to the
White House for any faith sessions either. As far as reaping attention
and donations goes, I think that’s fantastic. The more you can get
religious zealot hypocrites to dispose of their money on causes that
never achieve anything, the better. Keep on throwing donations down
that black hole and wondering when porn is really “coming down.” Any
day now….;) Yesterday at 12:10 p


Only disagreement I have with that sentiment is that I think that
nutjobs like Shelley Lubben should be taken very seriously, because she
offers a semiprogressive patina to a movement that would basically
cause significant damage to real people’s lives….as much if not more
damage as the drugs and alcohol abuse and the abuse of power and lives
that she believes to be intristic to the porn industry. It is up to
those who know the truth and aren’t afraid to acknowledge the good and
the bad to expose her nonsense and demystify her babblings for the
mountain of crap that it is.


Ahhh, What Glorious Allies You Have, Donna Hughes… [Spoofs] Teabaggers Against Rhode Island "Pornstitution" [Updated]

Note: Updated, scroll to bottom.

Oh, but I really MUST share this with you all…this is waaaay too precious.

It seems that I’ve attracted a fundie Christian troll for my efforts to defend Elizabeth Wood  against the sexual McCarthyite attack from Donna Hughes.

This comment is from a woman named Allison that was posted to my fiskdown against Hughes:

Really? You guys think prostitution should be legal? Oh c’mon, it’s a crime. That’s a no brainer. And what is it doing for Rhode Island? It’s giving the state a horrible reputation as a den of sin and immorality. All over the national news and blogosphere. It’s just offensive and wrong.

Foreign Sex Radicals Invade Nastiest State in US to Keep 16yo Strippers and Hookers Legal…

Now…it’s not Allison’s comment that got my interest…she’s entitled to her opinion, as is anyone who decides to post their comments here.

But click on that link she provides, and it reveals a much more fascinating worldview.

Turns out that the link is to a fundamentalist evangelical Christian outfit called, and the article cited is a glowing testimonial to Donna Hughes…and an indictment of the evil threat of porn and other ungodly perversions to decent society.

The title gives a lot of the game away:

Foreign Sex Radicals Invade Nastiest State in US to Keep 16yo Strippers and Hookers Legal

And the opening rhetoric is so classic for fundamentalist Christian Rightists:

Right now, and I mean RIGHT NOW! prostitutes and underage strippers are LEGALLY selling themselves in one corner of this incredible country of ours. That’s right, one wonderful little state has gone out of its way to protect the rights of hookers to spread their legs and disease. This place is also committed to letting our little girls while vile old men grope them with grubby dollar bills. All this is done with full protection of the police and the democrats in the state legistlature.

What is this evil nasty state?? Must be Nevada, right???  Ahhhh…wrong.

Where are these laws of freedom and self-expression on the books in the age of Obama? This sanctuary of scum is called the State of Rhode Island. The place that practically proclaims at its borders, “Welcome you hedonistic sex workers and pole dancers, and men and boys too! Now drop your undies and get to work!”

Now, someone must have forgot to tell the author of this claptrap, Stephenson Billings, that pole dancing is actually legal in plenty of other states other than Rhode Island, or that “hedonistic sex workers” don’t necessarily have to go to that tiny state to enjoy themselves freely. And I’d think that most of those laws preceded Prez O’s ascension to the POTUS, regardless of what he thinks. (BTW, he doesn’t think highly of Obama, either, as we shall see anon.)

Rhode Island. Most of us couldn’t find this sneaky little street walker on a roadmap. Here’s a hint: it hangs like the diseased genatalia of New England. And sick it is, my friends! The veiny little pouch of debauchery and radicalism is threatening to infect America with its sinful liberal revision of what it means to be free. Prostitution and pole dancing are reputedly one of the few growth industries in this moribund mansack (no pun intended). What’s worse, when a handful of local Christians suggested outlawing these sins against human decency, the greatest pervs in the world jumped on top of themselves to defend it.

Oh, yeah…the Babylon of New England. The Gommorah of the Northeast. Never mind that New York is less than a heartbeat away…here’s where the real threat to fundie wingnutters like Billings resides.

But who are those “handful of local Christians”??  Well, Billings doesn’t tell us, but he does provide the link to their leader: guess who it happens to be??

Can you say “Donna Hughes”??

Wait a Goddess damn minute…isn’t she supposed to be a feminist?? Even…a RADICAL FEMINIST?? Someone whom fundie evangelical rightie orgs like should be most opposed to from the core of their being?? Hell, she’s even a  professor of Women’s Studies at University of Rhode Island, FFS…certainly most hard right antifeminist Christians would be appalled to be on the same side as such evil leftist radicals….right??

Oh, but when you share the same myopic anti-sex values and biases, though, all differences seem to fade out. Especially when the enemy is the same.

Those “greatest pervs in the world” that Billings is talking about?? Why, that would be those 31 professors who signed the infamous letter to the Rhode Island legislators opposing the proposed legislation against “indoor prostitution”. The very same letter led in the heading by…..Elizabeth Wood and Robert Weitzer.

The very same letter that was maligned by Donna Hughes and Margaret Brooks in that epic slam they posted to the website..the one that all but labled Elizabeth Wood as a nut, a slut, a pedophile, an exhibitionist, a flasher, and someone who should basically be tarred, feathered, tatooed with a scarlet letter “S” on her ass, and burned at the stake for her evil lustful ways…or at least, be fired from her teaching job.

And oh, the folks at just love them some Donna Hughes…they slavishly quote her assault on “sex radicals” with remarkable relish…in the same way that Mel Gibson in The Passion of the Christ glorified Jesus’s Crucifixion:

But one local woman scholar is not taking this assault lying down. Donna Hughes, of Citizens Against Trafficking, has thoroughly explored these supporters and her discoveries are disturbing. In her latest report, she found that the 50 leaders of this group, all of whom claim to be college professors, are, “sex radicals, meaning they oppose any limits on any sexual behavior as long as it has the superficial appearance of being consensual.” The leader of this group, George Washington University Professor Ronald Weitzer has said, “Many prostituted women and girls experience ‘moderate-to-high job satisfaction’ and think they provide a valuable service.” If it feels good, do it?

Many other of these borderline “sex offenders,” as Hughes calls them, are from the Netherlands and New Zealand, where kiddie porn and sadomashistic sex are the norm. During her research the vivacious Woods discovered this group is composed of a self-proclaimed exhibitionist who has stated “I think that sex with animals can be consensual!”, child nudism advocates, $pread Magazine models, an S&M fetishist with an academic position and the list goes on and on. It is an, “international campaign orchestrated using Internet technologies, such as blogs, Twitter, and Facebook.” The internet strikes again!

Let’s ignore the gross errors of this passage…actually, let’s not, because Billings manages in his zeal to get the women mixed up; it was Hughes who did most of the “research” on the “sex radicals”, not Elizabeth WOOD (not “Woods”); and it was Elizabeth — ONE WOMAN — who was tarnished as a $pread mag model, S&M fetishist, and a child nudism advocate….not different women. (And in fact, Weitzer doesn’t use the term “prostituted women”, only Hughes does that; he used the term “sex worker”.)

But, hey…when you are on a roll raging against smut and filth and doing God’s work to cleanse the country of “liberal values” and sin and immorality, what’s facts to ge in the way??  Or..proper attribution?? Or…correct syntax??

With the fortitude of a man, Hughes has delved deep into the heart of this sex-crazed world. Along with Club Fantasies, Club Desire,Airport Anal, Hooters, Steam Alley, Tazza’s Topless, Rough Sex Repertory Company, Foxy Lady, Satin Doll Gentlemen’s Club, Cheater’s, the Sportsman’s Inn, Barrington “Country Club,” Priests & Pros, Trixx – All Male Revue and Club Balloons.

Hold up…”the fortitude of a man”?!?!  Oh, I get it…women aren’t supposed to have fortitude?? Until they decide to represent themselvew in right-wing causes like busting sexual nonconformists??

And also…I’m sure that hotlinking all those nasty promotion sites of all those evil sex places was done only for Christ-centered research. Or to alert the faithful to avoid such dens of sexual freakery. Really.

And….Hooters?? Gee, I didn’t know that they went full hardcore…I thought that they only went as far as T-shirts and nylons??

Oh, but it gets so much better…it seems that the good Christian folk at ChristWire are particularly obsessed with race as well….witness this comment in the ensuing thread that accompanied the article:

Adam Nelson says:

What a coincidence. North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia have some of the largest urban minority centers. Let’s see how many strip clubs there are in Alaska, Wyoming, Montana or Wisconsin…in non-urban minority areas

To a response that that might be just a wee bit racist and not too Christian, Adam responds thusly:

Adam Nelson says:

How is stating fact being a racist? You know urban centers and decadent downtown slums have a bunch of nasty clubs. Why deny it?

Please go to a nice, gated community or a good rural area with several local churches and see how many strip joints you find there? It will be rare, and if they are allowed, you can bet if you research it the community is fighting to get them to leave.

It would be kind of surprising…were it not coming from a site who publishes articles with such titles as “Obama is Literally Hitler” and Our Christian Nation Must Destroy The Communist Heathens!

Yup, we are in Bircher/Birther/Teabagger territory, y’all…the kind that most real feminists would be horrified to step foot in.  But Donna Hughes, professor of Women’s Studies and favored of the GenderBorg Collective of Radical Womyn Rescuing Pornstituted Women From Patriarchy, literally bathes in this crap every day…and makes no apologies for it.

Frankly, I feel so much better off with Elizabeth and the “sex radicals”…they are so much more moral than these clowns.


Update (8-18/09): Well now….it seems that I may have pulled the trigger just a bit too soon on ChristWire,org, because commentors (like Iamcuriousblue and SnowdropExplodes) have informed me that that particular site is more of a satirical spoof of right-wing Christianity than anything real. (IACB referenced me to this article to back up his parody claim.) So, I reread some more of their articles, and I can conclude that either they are pretty damn good spoofers (although, they could mix in a disclaimer now and then to keep us straight), or really, really over the top and crazy. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume the former….though, there probably are readers and commentators there (like the cited Adam Nelson) who truly believe in all that stuff and react accordingly.

On the other hand, some of the more accusatory comments here seem to come from legitimate right-wingers unconnected with who really do feel strongly about bashing prostitutes and other “ungodly” folk…and I have a response for them upcoming.

Foreign Sex Radicals Invade Nastiest State in US to Keep 16yo Strippers and Hookers Legal


Sarah Palin's Resignation: The Ultimate Eject/Flameout/Smack-Off (With Proofreader's Update)

[Updated below…scroll to bottom.]


Just when you think that Wasilla, Alaska’s most prominent citizen politician/grandma/hockey mom/wingnut in heels couldn’t get any whackier…she goes and pulls THIS.

First, she outdoes even the lamest “Clone” on Jim Rome’s sports talk show who manages to get in over his head with one bad gloss too many, and pulls an “Ahhh….errrrrrr….Eject!!!….OUT!!!” on the citizens of Alaska by resigning from her Governor’s seat less than two years after her ascension to the Mansion.

And then…she does the equivalent of one of the original Van Smack Sins: she read her own fax. As in, that crazy speech she gave anouncing her quitting..errrrr, stepping down.

Problem was, there was no buzzer to stop this really bad call.  Or…maybe it wasn’t such a problem.

Here’s the video version of Palin’s resignation speech, via CNN:

Alaska Governor/2008 Republican Party Vice-Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin announcing her resignation from the Governor’s Seat (CNN, via YouTube)

But let’s ignore for the moment the general atmosphere surrounding the Lake Lucille “speech”: the wild geese cackling behind her, the shell-shocked looks of Palin’s folks next to her, etc. etc., and focus on the speech itself….in particular, the transcript that was handed out to the media just before Saint Sarah of Wasilla threw herself to the windmills.

That would be the same transcript that was posted to the official Alaska Governor’s website that day, and (though somewhat cleaned up) to other media outlets.

While it would take an entire book to analyze the grand bizarro sureallism of that moment, a few highlights will suffice.

Let’s begin at the beginning, as it were.

Hi Alaska, I appreciate speaking directly to you, the people I serve, as your Governor.

People who know me know that besides faith and family, nothing’s more important to me than our beloved Alaska. Serving her people is the greatest honor I could imagine.

Right out the bat: “Hi, Alaska”?!?! Gee, Governor, is that how you should salute your citizens in an official transcript?? Wouldn’t “Good evening, fellow Alaskans” be a bit more, say, professional??

And so funny to hear you, Governor Palin, say that nothing is more important than you being Governor…just when you are about to resign from that post after only one and a half years of service.

Jumping ahead a bit, as I will do frequently:

Alaska’s mission – to contribute to America. We’re strategic in the world as the air crossroads of the world, as a gatekeeper of the continent. Bold visionaries knew this – Alaska would be part of America’s great destiny.

Our destiny to be reached by responsibly developing our natural resources. This land, blessed with clean air, water, wildlife, minerals, and oil and gas. It’s energy! God gave us energy.

Just as God gave us nice warm pipelines for the caribou to keep warm, and rifles for you to shoot deer from your plane, right, Governor??

Next, the soon-to-be-ex-Guv hashed out a list of her “accomplishments” as governor, most of them related to servicing the oil industry…the same one that allowed her to boast about ofering $2,000 checks to every Alaskan, her opposition to evil Democrat Obamination “Socialism” nonewithstanding:

So much success in this first term – and with this success I am proud to take credit… for hiring the right people! Our goal was to achieve a gasline project, more fair oil and gas valuation, and ethics reform in four years. We did it in two. It’s because of the people… good public servants surrounding the Governor’s office, with servants’ hearts and astounding work ethic… they are Alaska’s success!

We are doing well! I wish you’d hear more from the media of your state’s progress and how we tackle Outside interests – daily – special interests that would stymie our state. Even those debt-ridden stimulus dollars that would force the heavy hand of federal government into our communities with an “all-knowing attitude” – I have taken the slings and arrows with that unpopular move to veto because I know being right is better than being popular. Some of those dollars would harm Alaska and harm America – I resisted those dollars because of the obscene national debt we’re forcing our children to pay, because of today’s Big Government spending; it’s immoral and doesn’t even make economic sense!

Another accomplishment – our Law Department protected states’ rights – two huge U.S. Supreme Court reversals came down against that liberal Ninth Circuit, deciding in our state’s favor over the last two weeks. We’re protectors of our Constitution – federalists protect states’ rights as mandated in 10th amendment.

Of course, when those obscene federal dollars go to padding the profits of the oil industry, or to build “bridges to nowhere” or certain sports arenas in one’s home town, she has a slightly different tune.

And how nice to claim that good old Sagebrush Populist rhetoric against Teh EVIL Federal Guviment and those dasterdly  LEEEEEE-brols….considering how much she proffited off the wealthy (how was that $150,000 wardrobe budget, anyway???) and defended the usual soak-the-poor Bush policies.

Political operatives descended on Alaska last August, digging for dirt. The ethics law I championed became their weapon of choice. Over the past nine months I’ve been accused of all sorts of frivolous ethics violations – such as holding a fish in a photograph, wearing a jacket with a logo on it, and answering reporters’ questions.

Every one – all 15 of the ethics complaints have been dismissed. We’ve won! But it hasn’t been cheap – the State has wasted thousands of hours of your time and shelled out some two million of your dollars to respond to “opposition research” – that’s money not going to fund teachers or troopers – or safer roads. And this political absurdity, the “politics of personal destruction” … Todd and I are looking at more than half a million dollars in legal bills in order to set the record straight. And what about the people who offer up these silly accusations? It doesn’t cost them a dime so they’re not going to stop draining public resources – spending other peoples’ money in their game.

It’s pretty insane – my staff and I spend most of our day dealing with this instead of progressing our state now. I know I promised no more “politics as usual,” but this isn’t what anyone had in mind for Alaska.

It would be so touching would it have been true…problem was, she wasn’t totally acquitted of all her ethics issues; in fact, she was reprimanded by the Alaska Senate for three particular violations of ethics, yet never disciplined. Not to mention that the “half a million dollars” in legal bills would have been paid for out of her SarahPAC committee…that is, if it was able to raise that much money.

Life is too short to compromise time and resources… it may be tempting and more comfortable to just keep your head down, plod along, and appease those who demand: “Sit down and shut up”, but that’s the worthless, easy path; that’s a quitter’s way out. And a problem in our country today is apathy. It would be apathetic to just hunker down and “go with the flow”.

Nah, only dead fish “go with the flow”.

No. Productive, fulfilled people determine where to put their efforts, choosing to wisely utilize precious time… to build up.

And there is such a need to build up and fight for our state and our country. I choose to fight for it! And I’ll work hard for others who still believe in free enterprise and smaller government; strong national security for our country and support for our troops; energy independence; and for those who will protect freedom and equality and life… I’ll work for and campaign for those proud to be American, and those who are inspired by our ideals and won’t deride them.

I will support others who seek to serve, in or out of office, for the right reasons, and I don’t care what party they’re in or no party at all. Inside Alaska – or Outside Alaska.

But I won’t do it from the Governor’s desk.

Actually, only dead salmon swim downhill with the flow; every other fish I’ve seen manages to go with the flow quite well. And what delicious irony: talking about the “quitter’s way out” while actually….quitting your day job. A unique, mavericky concept, I’d say.

And, of course, she defends herself as the latter day Joan of Arc, the female conservative Don Quixote slaying the evil windmills of Big Guviment Liberalism/Sellout, Cut-And-Run Democrat Socialism. Do I detect more of a pitch for a Fixed Noise gabfest seat here?? You betcha.

But here is where it starts going straight into Cloud Cookoo Land for St. Sarah of Wasilla…here comes the basketball analogy from the woman who played point guard in high school and was once glossed, with much consternation to Ann and Nancy Wilson of the rock group Heart, “Sarah the Barracuda”:

My choice is to take a stand and effect change – not hit our heads against the wall and watch valuable state time and money, millions of your dollars, go down the drain in this new environment. Rather, we know we can effect positive change outside government at this moment in time, on another scale, and actually make a difference for our priorities – and so we will, for Alaskans and for Americans.

Let me go back to a comfortable analogy for me – sports… basketball. I use it because you’re naïve if you don’t see the national full-court press picking away right now: A good point guard drives through a full court press, protecting the ball, keeping her eye on the basket… and she knows exactly when to pass the ball so that the team can win. And I’m doing that – keeping our eye on the ball that represents sound priorities – smaller government, energy independence, national security, freedom! And I know when it’s time to pass the ball – for victory.

Actually, Ms. Palin, a good point guard knows how to break a full court press with the help of his/her teamates by putting people in the right positions and passing the ball enough to the right teammates to avoid a turnover or a 10-second half-court violation. A better analogy to what you are actually doing would be to have the point guard simply attack the press by…throwing the ball away out of bounds, then moaning to the refs about how too close the defenders are to you. Also, considering that your team has — to continue the basketball analogy — not particularly done a good job of scoring of late, as witnessed by the results of the last pickup game…errrrr. election, perhaps it may be time to either change up the strategy or bench the point guard for someone a bit more agile?? If you can’t handle Barack Obama one-on-one, how in the hell do you think that you can handle a full court press with Obama and Hillary Clinton and Newt Gingrich and Mittens Romney all up in your grill??

Some Alaskans don’t mind wasting public dollars and state time. I do. I cannot stand here as your Governor and allow millions upon millions of our dollars go to waste just so I can hold the title of Governor. And my children won’t allow it either.

Some will question the timing. Let’s just say, this decision has been in the works for awhile…

In fact, this decision comes after much consideration, and finally polling the most important people in my life – my children (where the count was unanimous… well, in response to asking: “Want me to make a positive difference and fight for ALL our children’s future from outside the Governor’s office?” It was four “yes’s” and one “hell yeah!” The “hell yeah” sealed it – and someday I’ll talk about the details of that… I think much of it had to do with the kids seeing their baby brother Trig mocked by some pretty mean-spirited adults recently.) Um, by the way, sure wish folks could ever, ever understand that we all could learn so much from someone like Trig – I know he needs me, but I need him even more… what a child can offer to set priorities right – that time is precious… the world needs more “Trigs”, not fewer.

But, but…b-b-b-b–but, Governor Palin…..isn’t being a Governor a part of your JOB??? I’d hardly think that since an entire three month sabbatical running as John McCain’s running mate and doing speeches throughout the lower 48 states would put that much of a dent on your schedule (I mean, doing the rubber chicken circuit certainly doesn’t stop  Bo Jindal from exercising his duties as Louisiana governor, doesn’t it??), then I figure that having your legal team do all the donkey work of defending you from all those legal issues at home would not necessarily interfere with your duties…right???

Oh…and as for using Trig as a human shield to cover your ass (and no, Governor, it is not so fine, either); did you twinkle your keys at him to get him to agree with your decision?? (Now, some would bring into the discussion the notion that Trig is not your son in the first place, but rather your daughter’s sun….but I won’t go there. Unlike you and the “Obama’s not a US citizen/Obama’s trained in a Indonesian radical Islamic madrassa sect/Obama is a tool of violent anti-American commie racists like Jerimiah Wright and Bill Ayers” sect to which you played your speeches to during the campain, I don’t believe in degenerating to rumors.)

*((Gotta put First Things First))*

First things first: as Governor, I love my job and I love Alaska. It hurts to make this choice but I am doing what’s best for Alaska. I’ve explained why… though I think of the saying on my parents’ refrigerator that says “Don’t explain: your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe you anyway.”

But I have given my reasons… no more “politics as usual” and I am taking my fight for what’s right – for Alaska – in a new direction.

Now…I would assume that that heading was part of the original transcript, but someone forgot to remove it prior to putting out the press relaese.  But, still…wouldn’t it be a bit more professional of me to suggest that maybe the state of Alaska’s Governor’s staff isn’t that much broke that they couldn’t have one proofreader to edit the speech BEFORE it goes out??

And we can certainly tell what this “new direction” will be: either as a Fixed Noise host or sub for InSanity or BillO or Beck, or even better, as Boss Limbaugh’s official fluffer…to grease the wheels for the ultimate run in 2012…either as the maverick Repub or an Independent.

In the words of General MacArthur said, “We are not retreating. We are advancing in another direction.”

Damn.  Did Governor Palin miss out on English class because she was too busy beating full-court presses???  Paging Dr. Syntax, Dr. Syntax…report to the Alaska Governor’s Mansion, STAT!!!! And you can add a freakin’ American historian, too, since it was General Smith, not General MacArthur, who is credited with that quote.

On the other hand…I guess that since Governor Quitter Spice does consider resigning from her job as an advance in another direction, I guess that she must have thought she was on the right path.

And so we have…our winner of the Political Smack-Off for 2009. Not even Mark Sanford or Sammy Joe the Mob Leader or Michelle Bachmann could flame out so vividly.

And…Lisa Ann would still kick her ass. Physically, ethically, and morally. And she’s still a thousand times sexier, too. Your myopia, wingnut wankers.


I’ll just leave it to the capable hands of Keith Olbermann for the last word (for now) on Quitter Spice.

Countdown with Keith Olbermann (MSNBC): 7/3/09 First segment on Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s resignation announcement, including interview with Vanity Fair editor/Palin biographer Todd Purdum (via YouTube)

And then, there is that “I will sue anyone who implies that there are rumors of future indictments” meme…which KO and targetted blogger Shannyn Moore dispatch quite nicely:

Countdown with Keith Olbermann (MSNBC): 7/3/09 Second segment on threats from Sarah Palin’s legal team to sue anyone for “defamation” regarding rumors of possible indictments, featureing interview with targeted blogger/Huffington Post columnist Shannyn Moore (via YouTube)


Update 7/22/09:

Well, well, well…seems like soon-to-be-Ex-Governor Palin must have neglected her speechwriters, too….or else she was winging it as much with that speech as she has been with everything else.

The folks at Vanity Fair got a hold of the original transcript of the Palin resignation speech (NOT the copy relased at the Governor’s Office site and fisked here) and promptly sent their proofreaders and editors to work in debugging it.  The results, and their suggested changes, are now on display here. Trust me…you’ll enjoy this one.

Oh..and looky here….about those 15 allegations of ethics misconduct that Quitter Spice says was disproven?? Here comes #16..and this one she may not be able to beat back so glibbly.

And, in case that isn’t enough….guess who might just be coming to Alaska for a dancing tour??  Two word hint: Serra. Paylin. Heheh.


The Muller/Gawker/Olbermann Fracus: Did KO Get Owned By "Mancow"??

You all know how much of a fan I am of Keith Olbermann…I post clips of his smackdowns of the Right religiously.

That doesn’t mean, though, that I consider him perfect the way Erick Erickson considers Boss Limbaugh…he can be human, he can make mistakes…and he on occasion can allow his ego to get him owned.

Yes, I acknowledge that KO has a huge ego, and that’s OK by me, because he is so correct on the fundamentals.

Problem is, sometimes that ego can get in the way of the facts and can expose one to be potentially decieved.

As could be the case, ultimately, with his most recent public moment: The “waterboarding” of Chicago right-wing gabber Erich “Mancow” Muller to prove how evil waterboarding really is.

To reset the entire fracus from the beginning; Olbermann originally challenged Fixed Noise wingnut Sean Hannity to endure a waterboarding to prove Hannity’s point (shared by most on the Right) that waterboarding wasn’t torture, pledging to contribute $1,000 for every second that Hannity lasted to a military families’ support fund. Hannity had blurted the standard right-wing party line that waterboarding was not torture and wasn’t as harmful as “liberals” were saying, and that it and other “enhanced interrogation techniques” were neccessary to extract information from “terrorists” and thusly prevent another terrorist attack such as the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York, DC, and Pennsylvania. KO made it such an issue that he dedicated his “Oddball” segment on his program Countdown with Keith Olbermann to counting up the days in which Hannity was chickening out on delivering on his promise.

Well…on May 23rd, WLS-AM right-wing radio shock jock “Mancow” Muller decided to either prove Hannity wrong, or simply pull off the publicity stunt of a lifetime; he offered himself to simulate a waterboarding to see how long he could hold out. Turned out, he bailed after six seconds, after which he got serious religion and testified about the ultimate evil of waterboarding.  KO was so impressed (or so taken) that he had Muller on his show to elaborate on his experiences, and as a buffer to prove that even right-wingers could see that waterboarding was not only torture, but even tantimont to drowning.

Not so impressed, however, was the website….which has had a long history of needling Olbermann; two weeks earlier, they had posted a series of stories (reprinted from a media gossip rag called CityFile) concerning KO’s grieving over and eulogizing the recent death of his mother; effectively calling him out for playing hooky out of his job by not alerting his employers of his absence, and for letting his alleged ego get in the way of company business (apparently even getting into it with Rachel Maddow (Twitter ID: @maddow) over the booking of Ben Affleck as a guest on his show…he ultimately appeared on Rachel’s show due to, according to KO, a scheduling error by Affleck’s publishing agent). KO, in response, used his May 15th “WTF!?!” segment of his show to rip Gawker and reporter John Cook a new one for shoddy journalism and spreading gossip.

That might have been the reason why Gawker (and KO via MSNBC) was approached by an anonymous tipster who passed on a series of emails which together proposed that the entire Mancow “waterboarding” was a giant hoax, invented primarily to give Mancow free publicity and to spoof Olbermann. The emails generally center around Linda Shafran, who was Miller’s publicist as well as an agent for Jerry Springer, and whom led a search for someone to simulate (or fake) the waterboarding.

Gawker then decided to break the story on their website; with followups appearing here and here. Basically, they declared Mancow to be a faker whose experience didn’t even come close to the real thing…..and they even went back and retrieved a 2008 clip of columnist Christopher Hitchens being waterboarded under more realistic (as in, what actual victims of waterboarding experienced) to prove their point. (Their issue was not that they questioned that waterboarding was morally wrong or torture; but the use of a right-winger and a known spoofer and publicity hound by Olbermann to prove that point.)

That led to Friday’s (May 30th) “WTF!?!” closing segment on Countdown, where KO decided to unleash havoc on Gawker for their “right-wing conspiracy” reporting and calling them “conspiracy theorists”… and to have “Mancow” Muller on for his closing segment one more time to defend himself.

And that led to Gawker columnist John Cook issuing a rebuttal at standing by their story and all but calling out Olbermann as a dunce for allowing a right-winger to pwn him.

Now…like I said, this should be prefaced with the fact that does have a rich history of smacking down KO for more than the usual political reasons; there is also some very personal attacks on Olbermann for his weight, his private sex life, and his personal finances from even as far back as 2008. That might make their claim that the issue isn’t as much torture but Olbermann’s use of a right-wing “shock jock” to prove his case about waterboarding and allowing himself to be used by Muller, more than a bit hollow.

And, you can also make the case that even if the Mancow waterboarding was more than a bit staged and faked, and that there are other examples out there of the practice being executed under far more “realistic” conditions (as in Christopher Hitchens’ aformentioned waterboarding last year and a similar occurence by a Playboy magazine journalist this year (h/t to Dr. James Benjamin over at Notes From Underground for pointing me to the latter story), it certainly looked realistic enough to prove the point about it being torture. Not everybody gets a bucket full of water poured down your throat while your nose is being held and you are blindfolded, you know.

Nevertheless, I do think that KO could have used a better example of someone “enduring” waterboarding than the likes of Mancow Muller, who, by all accounts, seems like a perfect asshole of the Jerry Springer mold who is not immune from the most inane acts of barbarity. I guess that Olbermann decided that using a right-winger like him to prove that “even conservatives can see that waterboarding is torture” was worth the risk of being used for Muller’s publicity machine…not to mention taking whacks at InSanity and the rest of the Fixed Noise/Boss Limbaugh Machine.

We’ll see together if Mancow is really on the legit, or if he decides to pull a “Gotcha, Keith!! Hahahahaha!!!” and reverse himself.

And as for…nice journalism there, but perhaps you might want to ixnay with the personal attacks on Keith Olbermann for a while. You’re not exactly seen as pure as the driven snow yourselves, and attacking KO’s ego just to inflame your own ratings doesn’t do you much justice, either. If you didn’t own, I’d put y’all on the quarantine list…but I’ll give you some slack for now.


Bonus GenderBorg Lunacy: A Plea For Male Celibacy…From A MAN?!?!?

Oh, damn….I almost forgot to append this to the Shelia Jeffreys post….it is just too good (in all its badness) not to share.

Basically, its a male blogger attempting to use his blog to defend Jefferys as a truthseeker of radical feminism….and he gives his own reccommendation for men to realize true liberation.

Namely….total celibacy.

The entire rant, as posted by Hexy to her blog (including the link to the original):

Found this online today in the category of so-called sex-positive feminist women (aka sex workers and the faux sexually liberated) misusing Professor Sheila Jeffreys as their target in fighting against others who are true feminists opposed to men sexually exploiting women (image of “Sheila ain’t my sister” bag)

Just like peace at any price, sex at any price cannot be good. In the longest war, pitting one group of women against another has been an effective divide-and-conquer strategy, aided by much media manipulation. The anti-Sheila blogger indicates that she keeps adjusting her medication (which would necessarily affect her consciousness). Psych-drugs and shrinks as a weapon of mass deception against women in man’s longest war, yes, oh, yes, but that would be another post.

The contrasting, true-to-freedom image is this one posted by Allecto at Gorgon Poisons (image of “Sheila is my sister” graphic)

Sex on men’s terms, devastating to women because there’s a real (if undeclared) war going on. To end man’s war against womankind may take men not just doing laundry and ending non-sexual violence, but practicing celibacy as a commitment to not exploiting women. Real celibacy, not what Catholic priests pretend to do. Unless men wise up and take better action, Mother Nature might just wipe men out and leave women with procreative parthenogenesis. Life will go on, with or without men.

I’m proposing celibacy for bi and het-sex men (any men born as men interested in sexual relations with women) as the ground of being to expand male consciousness as a pathway toward real peace. Celibacy for this group of people would mean that no woman would be sexually exploited by any xy-chromosome humanoid while a lasting peace is sought through heightened awareness for all. Peace at any price? No. But peace may come if we can see the chronic global misogyny without denial, and break free from male-dominant global culture. Sheila Jeffreys is my hero.

So much crap concentrated in one heaping, steaming pile…where shall I begin??

First off….”faux sexually liberated”!?!? What, feel yourself to dictate to women how they should feel??  Doesn’t that make you….well…just as misogynous as the men you claim to be misogynous?? Not even Bob Jensen goes that far….well, almost.

Secondly…way to turn a woman’s personal medication for personal issues into a line of attack on her for “false consciousness”. I mean, only crazy or psycho people would ever suck a cock and get paid for it, right??? Only true-believing “feminists” like Shelia Jeffreys are capable of total health, too…ehhh???

But it’s this “celibacy” thing that really gets me.  Dewd….dewd…you do realize that if all men took your advice and eschewed sexual relations with women and stuck only with gay male sex, then the human species would eventually die out, right?? So, how in the hell would you manage to continue to propogate the species?? Sperm banks?? Turkey basters?? Public masturbation centers where men would contribute their sperm to impregnate women through in vitro??

And…how exactly would you define “celibacy”??? In the same way that most purity conservatives define it….namely, no P/V sex that leads to pregnancy, but oral, anal and solo sex is OK??  Or no contact with women at all, restricting yourself only to masturbation?? (You do know that even that is considered to be beyond the pale as “misogynous” and “degrading” to women by your “heroes”, right, dewd???)

Oh…and how would you treat the men who do their best but ultimately fail to remain celibate?? Castration?? Prison?? A stern lecture on how jerking off to naked girls leads automatically to rape and BDSM and all other such “torture”??

One last thing, dewd..WHAT ABOUT THE WOMEN?!?! If a woman insisted on her right to engage in sex with a man merely because she wanted a dick in her mouth/butt/vagina, how would you react to that??  Is she exercising her right of free choice, or is she merely polluted by the “patriarchial” and male-imposed desire to be abused by men….because we all know that wanting a penis in you is merely THE MAN brainwashing you…right???

Patti Hearst didn’t even go this far in swooning for the SLA….hell, Jim Jones’ followers at Jonestown didn’t go this far. One senses that this fool would be the first in line to drink cyanide-laced Kool-Aid if his “hero” Shelia Jefferys told him that it would liberate womanhood.

Proves my point exactly about cult worship.


The Rush Limbaugh/Shelia Jeffreys Cult Comparison/Contrast, Part Deux (Or Why Shelia Will NEVER Be My Sister)

All righty….out with Rush; in with Shelia Jeffreys.

For those who do not know her, Shelia happens to be one of the more extreme antiporn/antiprostitution radicalfeminists around.

Unlike Rush, she does not make $30 million a year from spewing her brand of hatred; nor does she have the size of microphone and bully pulpit that Limbaugh uses daily.

Nevertheless, Jeffreys does wield a mighty hammer in her quest to reveal her version of The Great Male Misogynist Conspiracy Against Women; fueled by male erections leveled at women for the sake of rape, abuse, and degradation, through the media of “pornography” and the acts of prostitution (what most other less condemning folk refer to as “sex work”.

And just like Rush, she’s been known to go over the cliff in smacking down her straw enemies. Men who don’t buy into basic self-hatred of themselves as innate rapists and oppressors of women are merely “pimps” and oppressors; women who don’t completely internalize her ideology of “feminist sexuality” and “militant moral feminism” are basically ripped as traitors, enablers of rapists, pimps and abusers, and even accused of being men…and, of course, if you so happen to be a sex worker who defends her profession or her right to be treated as a human being and respected for her decisions…well, you become a “cumdumpster”, a “bi-sexeee” slut/tramp who simply kneels at The Cock at the expense of ALL wome…or simply an agent of THE MAN.

Obviously, those who happen to be sex workers who don’t quite share Jeffreys view of them take a rather dim view of her ideology….and some of them make it pretty much public.

Which brings me to what happened with Hexy, an Austrailian sex worker advocate who caught a taste of the Jeffreys cult mentality (also known here as “the GenderBorg'”).

At her blog Hexpletive, Hexy posted about a recent meeting of Aussie sex worker advocates known as the National Forum (the actual organization is known as Whoreganisation), in particular the accessories that were sold at that meeting to express their particular defense of their work. In particular, Hexy posted on the brilliant idea of posting pro-sex worker sloagans on the bags used to promote the conference. Most of the sloagans were promoting sex workers as the ultimate safe sex messengers, to wit:

Whoreganization "Safe Sex" bags

Whoreganization "Safe Sex" bags

Another Whoreganisation safe sex message

Another Whoreganisation safe sex message

But it was this message that stood out so well, according to Hexy…and it was so popular with the conference viewers that Hexy had to Bogart a bag for herself:

Anti-Shelia Jeffreys message embedded in Whoreganisation bag

Anti-Shelia Jeffreys message embedded in Whoreganisation bag

The caption below reads: “anti-sex feminists do not speak on behalf of sex workers”.

To most folk, that would seem like merely a statement of disagreement, or a genuine show of dissent.

The GenderBorg, though, isn’t most folk….and they are especially sensitive to the belief that anyone would have the gall to disagree with their ideology…and they reacted accordingly.

One such antiprostitution activist, Allecto, decided to mount a defense of Shelia Jeffreys as the only true feminist willing to speak “the truth” about “the sex industry” as the ultimate abuse and rape of women…right down to making an alternative logo in protest to Hexy’s:


Notice how the logo is a hell of a lot bigger than Hexy’s….the better to catch the message.  No need for translation here.

[I grafted the logo from Caroline via her new blog Loserdust: she also has links to the original radfem posts; my policy of not directly posting to fascist sites still stands.]

And the message went instantly viral…Witchy-Woo, Jennifer Drew, and Maggie Hays quickly posted up messages of solidarity with Jeffreys, along with similar messages smacking Hexy for “silencing” and slandering Shelia for her apostasy of opposing sex work and defending “prostituted women”.

Drew’s method of defending Jeffreys as a victim of slander and censorship (if not physical attack) is telling for its typicalness in how the GenderBorg respond to even mild criticism (posted by Hexy in her rebuttal to all this):

Nothing new about demonising yet another radical feminist simply because she dares to speak the truth and challenge pseudo feminists and the sex industry. For centuries women who have dared to speak the truth and challenge male supremacy have been demonised.

Remember the witch hunts – because this too was all about men and their supporters using claims that certain women and girls were witches in order to steal their few possessions, property or simply just to silence them.

Another point of view would be that because Sheila Jeffreys is widely respected – yes widely respected not disrespected – this threatens male supremacists and their followers.

Sheila Jeffreys has experienced these attacks before as did Kate Millett and not of course not forgetting the late Andrea Dworkin. Catherine MacKinnon too has been subjected to virulent women-hating attacks, but male supremacists and their supporters were not able to silence them. Additionally, there are many, many radical feminists who are routinely subjected to vicious misogynistic attacks and the reason is always because women who dare to speak the truth threaten male supremacists.

Which is why there continues to be a war on women and sustained attempts to silence our voices. Control is never 100% total because the oppressed can never be totally silenced, as soon as one voice is silenced another one appears. So the war continues.

Yup…because women who make a statement of disagreement with The True Radical Feminist who represents ALL women against the Fear Of An Angry Male Cock threat of male violence and oppression are merely the tool of male rapists and misogynists who want to hide the truth that Shelia Jeffreys is saying. Oh…and she’s the victim of a “witch hunt” because she happens to be a “radical feminist”.

Sounds familiar, folks??  Kinda like….Erick Erickson of defending Boss Limbaugh as Peter serving Jesus??

In fact, let’s do an experiment here….allow me to slightly alter that previous rant by Jennifer Drew as if that was Erickson defending Jabba the Fat-Ass, changing a few words here and there.

Nothing new about demonising yet another radical feminist activist conservative simply because she he dares to speak the truth and challenge pseudo feminists RINO’s and the sex industry Angry Democrat Left. For centuries women conservatives who have dared to speak the truth and challenge male supremacy the politically correct Left have been demonised.

Remember the witch hunts the lynching of Clarence Thomas and Miguel Estrada and Janet Rogers Brown – because this too was all about men the Left and their supporters using claims that certain women and girls conservatives were witches racist bigots in order to steal their few possessions, property or simply just to silence them.

Another point of view would be that because Sheila Jeffreys Rush Limbaugh is widely respected – yes widely respected not disrespected – this threatens male supremacists RINO’s and the Obamabots and their followers.

Sheila Jeffreys
Rush Limbaugh has experienced these attacks before as did Kate Millett Dick Cheney and Michael Savage…and not of course not forgetting the late Andrea Dworkin Paul Weyrich. Catherine MacKinnon Michelle Bachmann, Ann Coulter, and Sarah Palin too has been subjected to virulent leftist women-hating attacks, but male supremacists Democrat Socialists/Communists and their supporters were not able to silence them. Additionally, there are many, many radical feminists pro-American conservative patriots who are routinely subjected to vicious misogynistic and racist attacks and the reason is always because women patriots who dare to speak the truth threaten male supremacists of the Left.

Which is why there continues to be a war on women America and Western Civilization and sustained attempts to silence our voices. Control is never 100% total because the oppressed can never be totally silenced, as soon as one voice is silenced another one appears. So the war continues.

So, once again…please tell me what diference there is between the GenderBorg and the Beck/Limbaugh/RedState Right?? Especially since, besides from some syntactical differences, they share a common enemy and a common reactionary viewpoint about sex??

I eagerly await the response from the GenderBorg this time….like I give a care anymore.


More "WTF?!?" Goodness From KO: Texas Seccession, And Taking Advantage of Grief

You know….I always thought that the Special Comments were the best part of Keith Olbermann’s show….but these “WTF?!?” segments are beginning to challenge that theory. I’ve already posted two of them previously, but the following are just too good to be forgotten, too.

First, KO maligns the great state of Texas and its governor, Bill “Goodhair” Perry, for his recent implications of the joys of secceeding from the Union, as well as the consequences for that “whole other country”:

Countdown with Keith Olbermann (MSNBC): 5/15/09 “WTF?!?” Segment dissecting the consequences of the state of Texas taking their Governor’s suggestions and seceeding from the United States (via YouTube)

Somewhere in heaven, Miss Molly (Ivins) is laughing her ass off.

And then, there is this far more personal “WTF”, where KO stomps some gossip columnist who decides to exploit the grief of KO losing his mother for his own personal smear campaign (and boo to Wonkette for its own participation in this farce as well):

Countdown with Keith Olbermann (MSNBC): 5/14/09 “WTF?!?” Segment on the attempt of a New York gossip columnist to exploit KO’s grief at the passing of  his mother to smear him personally (via YouTube)


Carrie Prejean: Carrying The Torch For "Conservatwatism" In The Finest Anita Bryant Tradition

Oh, but this business concerning Miss California USA Carrie Prejean and her attempt at mining Anita Bryant is really fascinating to me for a variety of reasons.

First off…what the hell is a devout twice born Christian fundie doing prancing around in swimsuits for Donald Trump in the first place?? I thought that gambling and women showing off cleavage and booty were considered cardinal sins…right next to Teh Ghey, Teh Vibrator, and Teh Liberal???

Secondly…someone should check her birth certificate, since “Prejean” is far closer to a South Louisiana/French/Cajun surname than anything out of Cali…unless some Acadians took the wrong turn at Little Rock.

But mostly: Ahhh. Ms. Prejean….isn’t it kinda hypocritical for you to lay on the “poor, victimize me, the beautiful Christian role model being harrassed and abused by the ‘left wing’ media” card, when you deliberately use the publicity machine of Daddy Dobson and the National Organization for [Fundamentalist Christian Only!!!] Marriage to sell that message?? And what about those implants, and those topless pics: were those part of your plan of “witnessing” God’s word, or was that simply Satan getting in your way??

I wouldn’t be surprised that she ends up on the wingnut talk show circut as the next Dr. Laura or Laura Ingraham.

Oh…and you do know that right-wing men are wanking themselves raw to your photos, right, Carrie??  Would you have a problem with that??

But…why should I go on, when Mr. Olbermann says all that needs to be said.  WTF, indeed.

Countdown with Keith Olbermann (MSNBC): “WTF? Moment” segment on the hypocrisy of Miss California USA Carrie Prejean playing the victim card (via YouTube)

I know active porn starlets with more morals and better sense of talent than this…..woman.


David Feherty Continues CBS Sports' Rich Tradition of "Mouse Davis Syndrome"

For those who don’t know: Darrell “Mouse” Davis was the founder and chief architect off a wild and wacky (American) football offense known and loved as the “Run-and-Shoot”, where four recievers ran option routes all over the defense and the quarterback basically throws the ball all over the field and scores at will.  At least, that was how it was drawn up when it was most popular during the 90’s; ultimately, it faded out as a gimmick, but is still being utilized by some programs. It is in honor of Coach Davis that the syndrome where people don’t know how too shut up and filter their words is named in his honor.

And, it seems that CBS Sports and their sports analysts have upheld the tradition of Mouse Davis Syndrome quite well. Remember “Jimmy the Greek” Snyder of NFL Today fame, and his infamous rant on Black athletes being inborn?? Or Ben Wright during the early 90’s with his famous last words about women not being able to compete with men because….well, “their breasts get in the way of their swing”???

Well…here comes David Feherty, current 17th hole analyst, to continue the tradition of putting foot into mouth.  This time, not so much sports-wise, but politically speaking.

Last week, Feherty was one of five columnists recruited by the upscale Dallas online journal D Magazine to comment on former POTUS George W. Bush’s return to civilian life in Dallas. Most of the columns were mostly maudlin tributes to Dubya’s career and reflections on his legacy, with the expected positive spin that wealthy Dallas socialites would have towards the former First Family.

Feherty’s column was mostly no exception to the rule; gushing on all the positive things that Dubya had done…especially concerning defense matters; in particularly, the war in Iraq.

And that’s exactly where his Mouse Davis Syndrome kicked in, with this graph describing his perception of military support for Dubya  as compared to his political and military rivals:

From my own experience visiting the troops in the Middle East, I can tell you this, though: despite how the conflict has been portrayed by our glorious media, if you gave any U.S. soldier a gun with two bullets in it, and he found himself in an elevator with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Osama bin Laden, there’s a good chance that Nancy Pelosi would get shot twice, and Harry Reid and bin Laden would be strangled to death. I’ve never met a soldier who didn’t love this president and this country, and I’ve met a bunch of them, at home and abroad, in hospitals and in theater. At Walter Reed, Bethesda Naval Medical Center, and the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, I have visited dozens of patients, and I always ask of them before I leave: “What do you want to do when you get out?” No matter how broken or burned, or how many limbs they are missing, they give only one answer: “I want to go back. I want to rejoin my team, to finish our mission.” They are rightfully proud of what they have done and want nothing more than to be with their brothers and sisters in arms, because they know the consequences if their job is left unfinished. Right here on American soil, we will end up with unqualified people having to do the job they have been doing over there so incredibly well, and with such extraordinary compassion. The fact is, Americans in America have been safe since 9/11, almost the whole length of G2’s term as president, and for that we should be thankful.

I went ahead and quoted the entire paragraph for context’s sake; and bolded the most controversial portion for myself.

Now, it should be said that Feherty, despite his war hawk views, is not a Sean Hannity/Boss Limbaugh/Daddy Dobson type of right-winger; actually, his political opinions are basically all over the board, like an errant golfer’s golf swing. To quote:

As for me, my politics are somewhere in the middle—and then way outside both wings. I believe in the death penalty, especially for pro-lifers, child molesters, those opposed to gay marriage, and for stupid dancing in the end zone. I believe in the abolition of estate taxes and the Pickens Plan. I’d lower the legal drinking age and raise the driving age to 18 nationwide, make Kinky Friedman governor of Texas, and make all schools, public and private, start earlier with one hour of physical exercise.

A libertarian conservative with a driver, perhaps?? And, ooooooh, the death penalty for “pro-lifers”??? Really, David??

Naturally, it was the “shoot Nancy Pelosi” smack that got him in deep poop (I guess that strangling Harry Reid isn’t quite that threatening…and the line for whacking Osama probably stretches about three orbits around the earth long?) Thinly veiled death threats directed at reigning politicians and recommendations of assassinations are not taken to be too funny these days…especially considering the times. Media fired off an editorial and an email to CBS Sports calling for Feherty to apologize and retract his statement; Keith Olbermann smacked down Feherty as his “Worst Person in the World” for May 8th on his MSNBC Countdown show and openly wondered why Feherty wasn’t yet getting his pink slip; and the Huffington Post spared no ink in villifying Feherty’s idiocy.

In response, according to the HuffPost, both the PGA Tour and CBS Sports issued seperate statements reprimanding Feherty, calling his attempt of smack “an unacceptable attempt at humor” which “went over the line”.   And, later, Feherty did issue his own public apology to Reid and Pelosi for his attempt at bad humor turned blowback.

Of course, that wasn’t enough for some, who quickly called for Feherty’s immediate dismissal; citing the other two cases of Jimmy The Greek and Ben Wright as precedents of broadcasters getting run for shooting their mouths off.

Personally, though, I tend to disagree with that….mostly because as loathsome as Feherty’s attempt at smack was, it was done on his own time and his own dime, not on CBS Sports time, as was the case with the other two. There is still such a thing as not punishing people for their private opinions (until those opinions directly support actual harm)…and it should be stated that Feherty did  not openly advocate that Pelosi and Reid be killed; he simply stated that some military men might have that thought in mind.

Plus, I tend to believe that the response to bad smack is to smack harder and better, not to censor. Yes, Feherty should be drowned in his own myopia, and he should be called out openly and often for his insanity moment, and at the very least, a suspension or a dockage of pay would be in order so that he feels some pain in the pocketbook for being such an asshat.  But, let’s save the ultimate death penalty of firing for those who really deserve it….like Boss Limbaugh or InSManity or Glenn Beck. Compared to them, David Feherty is more like a 6-iron bunker shot gone awry.

Besides, it could be far, far worse if Feherty did get run: CBS Sports could do like ABC and hire Boss Limbaugh to do golf analysis.  Imagine him staring over Tiger Woods on the 17th tee in Augusta…and commenting on Eldrick’s 300′ drive down the center of the fairway.  Thanks, but I’ll take Feherty over that any day.

What’s next, CBS Sports: Gary McCord going off on the influence of lesbians infiltrating the LPGA tour??