Why The Ministress Might Want To Mix In A Media Consultant: Shelley Lubben’s Really, Really BAD Day, Julia Ann’s Riposte, And Monica Flips…AGAIN

There are days when you feel that you just want to crawl back into bed, curl up into a ball, hide under the covers, and just make yourself invisible for at least a week. All of us have had those days.

Shelley Lubben had that kind of a day yesterday….and then some.

The following is an object lesson on how no prior planning can blow up a media publicity event in your face in a hurry.

Yesterday, Shelley Lubben attended an publicity event in Los Angeles at the animal botique Tailwaggers, which was a fundraiser for LA Animal Rescue, an organization dedicated to finding homes for stray animals who would otherwise meet a gruesome fate.  The event, called “Porn Stars For Puppies…And Cats, Too!”, was also sponsored by the producers of the newly released documentary After Porn Ends, which highlighted the lives of several porn performers after they had left active shooting. Shelley, along with Mary Carey (whom you may remember as the one time candidate for governor of California after Gray Davis was impeached from that office) were supposed to be the featured performers in this shindig.

Now, you can make a serious question why a woman who has only been featured in 17 videos, and is more likely known as a fiendish activist against that very profession, is up there along with the likes of Mary Carey, Seka, Raylene, Ron Jeremy, Houston, and others whom have had much stronger resumes..but that’s another story. (And, of course, Lubben and Jeremy have had their history as well, as has been well documented.) But, I digress.

This could have been a nice, safe, quiet, and very feel good moment about ex-porn stars coming out and helping save our littler critters. Could have, that is.

Problem is, however, Shelley decided to attempt to make it into more publicity for her Pink Cross Foundation ministry attacking porn for all its usual evils. In particular, she used a  Facebook webcast sponsored by the antiporn group Porn Harms to launch her usual rhetoric, especially towards some former performers (Michelle Avanti, Sierra Sinn, April Garris) whom had turned whistleblower against Lubben’s ministry with charges of financial mismanagement, failure to provide genuine financial and social aid, and even possible drug abuse. The most aggrevious statement was that the former women who “turned on” her were merely “wounded animals” who were “biting the hands of the very people who were helping them”. A YouTube video by Michael Whiteacre, who is one of the more pronounced critics of Lubben and her ministry, which documented the comments made in that podcast, follows herein.

The combination of those particular comments and Shelley’s long-time history of slander against porn performers moved many of them to act in response….and some of them used the Tailwaggers event to register their protest. At the actual event, several active or retired porn performers, including Danny Wylde, Sam Phillips, and Kiki Dare, showed up wearing T-shirts brandishing one simple sentence:


And they then proceded to very quietly and professionally align themselves to get maximum camera coverage:

Not so quiet and professional was a shouting match that ensued between Shelley’s husband Garrett Lubben (the “treasurer” of the Pink Cross Foundation) and Michael Whiteacre, who essentially was the organizer and creator of the inventive protest, in full view of the participants and guests.  (And more than likely, the dogs and cats weren’t too happy, either.)

Ultimately, Shelley and Garrett decided to tuck tail and run after a few publicity pics.

But, the most damaging assault on Lubben came from a performer who was not even featured in the After Porn Ends documentary and whom took a pass on the event, but whose love of both porn and dogs has been well documented. Julia Ann decided to post at her Facebook page (reprinted over at The Real Porn Wikileaks) an open letter explaining why she decided not to attend the event, despite her long-time activism for animal protection rights….and she essentially put Shelley to shame over her tactics and lies. I’ll just repost the entirity of what she wrote and let you assess for yourself.

I woke up conflicted today knowing there was a pet adoption event that I wanted to be a part of but not wanting to feel anxiety over the particulars surrounding the event (the ‘Anti-Pornography Infant’ Shelley Lubben saga continues). When I was informed that this person was going to use an event that is to be about the saving of little lives to promote her negative, biased, fear-driven opinion (note I said opinion and not fact) I was insulted and, needless to say, disgusted.

For those that follow the animal holocaust that is happening on a daily basis in US animal shelters (gas chambers and all) with a staggering 5 to 6 million animals being murdered every year, that’s around 700 an hour. In the time it takes you to eat lunch 700 dogs and cats are killed because no one wanted them. 1 out of every 10 dogs and 1 out of 12 cats will find a permanent home. 10,000 people are born every day and 70,000 animals are born every day so do the math. There just aren’t enough good, loving homes.

Now that I’ve explained this heartbreaking truth I’m sure you can understand why some anti-pornography crusader using this event (where a select few critters may actually find love for the rest of their lives) to promote her baseless agenda makes me incensed. For her to show up and act like porn actresses are treated like animals in the shelter (the adult industry isn’t gassing any of us) is preposterous. These two events should never be equated to each other.

Shelley, how dare you make light of animal overpopulation and suffering? My home is constantly filled with these injured, sickly and betrayed creatures while we search for their forever homes, and the adult Industry is what pays for their medical care. Shame on you!

On a slightly different note, If it weren’t for the constant fight that the Porn Industry is engaged in, you (Shelley) might have lost the free speech rights that afford you the platform to spew your venom. What or who would you even be if you didn’t have the industry to hate so much, and who would even hear you? We are your entire identity.

Honestly, you should just say thank you to the Porn Industry and be about your way.


Julia Ann

But if losing someone like Julia Ann won’t convince Shelley of her lost cause in attempting to exploit other causes to pimp her antiporn ministry, maybe this very scary thought might do the trick:

Shelley, you’ve lost Monica Foster.

Of course, our ex-porn Sybill/”Christian Porn camgirl”/Darrah Ford wannabe sleuth has had a real tendency to turn on people she once supported on a dime….ask Julie Meadows/Lydia Lee on that. Still, the rapidity that Monica flipped on Lubben after spending so much time and effort attempting to fluff her as a victim of the Vast Illuminati/Satan Worship/Israeli Terrorist Conspiracy (i.e., Michael Whiteacre and the porn bosses), would have impressed even the handlers of Mitt Romney. A snapshot or two from Foster’s Twitter stream from yesterday (via Sean Tompkins and Michael Whiteacre):

Well…she did rip on Julie Meadows as a “fat bored housewife”…so what??

Remember that just about two or three months ago, Monica had been ripping Desi from pillar to post because Desi had criticized her for her coarse language in defending “the Lord” and for sucking off the nipples of Shelley’s success. Like I said, it doesn’t take much.

Right….and that shouting match between Whiteacre and Garrett Lubben was only for show. One great big reality show. Kinda like your career….right, Monica??

The “report to the FBI” reference is to Garrett boasting during his tete-a-tete with Whiteacre that the Lubbens were actually informants to the FBI’s Obscenity Task Force. I really don’t think that the FBI would like informants ratting out like that in public, dude.

This is becoming one sick soap opera, folks.


How Gail Dines And Monica Foster See Porn Industry Conspiracies The Way Joe McCarthy Saw Commies: The Jammie Price Affair

Updated with new information on the Jammie Price/Appalachian State affair that set Gail Dines off….scroll to bottom.

You know…earlier when I posted on Gail Dines’ earlier rant at CounterPunch on the Sandra Fluke/Rush Limbaugh brohaha, I figured that it would be just a matter of time before she would rip off the restraints and get back to what she does best: distort and lie about porn.

Well…that didn’t take long, did it?

Yesterday, Gail posted another essay over at CounterPunch getting back to her roots as antiporn “feminist” propagandist and “anticapitalist” conspiracy theorist. The subject, this time was the alleged censorship of a college professor who dared to present one of her previous antiporn agitprop screeds in her class.

The professor in question is one Jammie Price, who teaches sociology over at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina; and the screed was a extended antiporn “feminist” documentary called The Price of Pleasure, that was released in 2006.

Apparently, according to Dines (I Googled all over but couldn’t find any other source story for her claims, so I have to go on what Gail says in her essay), Price presented the documentary in her class in its entirity; and three of her students (out of 120 total who saw the film) promptly filed a complaint with the App St. administrators, claiming that the material was “inappropriate” for a classroom setting. I’ll let Gail take over from there:

[…] Dr. Price was not allowed to learn the names of the students or to meet with them, was denied a hearing, and was immediately suspended and told that she could not enter any offices or classrooms in the Arts and Sciences buildings. Should she want to obtain “materials, computer files, pick up mail …” she needed to make arrangements to be escorted by a member of the faculty.

How interesting that a university decides that an academic analysis of one of the most profitable industries in the world is “inapproriate.”

WOW…that’s pretty strong sanctions…of course, Dines makes no mention of how long the suspension was (One week?? To the end of the semester?? Permanent??), or whether or not Professor Price had the option of appeal due to her tenure as most professors do.

But as for the “inappropriate” finding??  Well, that could be debatable…actually not quite.

You see, The Price Of Pleasure does go into a lot of the financial analysis of the porn industry, in line with Gail’s core analysis of how “capitalism uses porn to make tons of money off the ripped vaginas, prolapsed anuses, and sperm-abused faces of women as male masturbation objects”. Mostly, however, TPoP is an visual malestrom of agitprop, using (without the permission of the models featured or the studios maligned) vivid and graphic images of the kind of “body punishing” sex that the creators feel that is the predominant message of porn. It also attacks consensual BDSM and sites like Kink.com as “torture porn”, even going as far as using clips of women being bound, gagged, flogged, and otherwise “abused”, taking them totally out of the context of the actual consensual themes.

Now, Gail Dines should know all about this, because she and her fellow antiporn crackpot Robert Jensen (also a regular CounterPunch contributor) were actually credited as “consultants” by the actual producers of the documentary. Plus, she should have probably known that in more conservative portions of the country, even a doc dedicated to antiporn theology would run the risk of being “flagged” by conservatives who would be squicked by the use of thinly veiled overt sexual imagery.

More likely, of course, is that Dines is well aware of that, and simply wants to gloss it over because it’s so much more fun to evoke The Great Capitalist Porn Conspiracy, and claim that it was the porn industry, rather than prudish conservatives, that got Applachain St. to punish Jammie Price for the crime of showing TPoP. 

The grand irony in all of this is that Dines has been intimately involved in campaigns to silence pro-porn (or at least, anticensorship) voices in college before.  In fact, she even goes and describes one such matter: her attack on Indiana University for having the gall to invite alt.porn icon Joanna Angel to speak at their campus.

In 2008, the porn press was abuzz with the great news that Joanna Angel, owner of the porn site Burning Angel, had been invited to speak to a human sexuality class at Indiana University. No pretense was made that this was going to be an educational event by the porn news site X Critic, when they wrote, “She will be showing the students clips from her movies, handing out sex toys and enlightening them with a positive view on pornography.”

I wrote a letter of complaint to the president of Indiana University pointing out that the role of a university classroom was to educate the students, not provide a captive audience for capitalists to push their products.

The president’s office responded in a rather odd way. They asked the professor to apologize to me for bringing in Joanna Angel, as if this whole case was a personal insult to me. I think we should be speaking about porn in the classroom, but not as a fun industry that sells fantasy, but rather as a global industry that works just like any other industry with business plans, niche markets, venture capitalists and the ever-increasing need to maximize profits.

Of course, the fact that Burning Angel and other alt.porn sites were explicitly created to debunk and transcend the supposed hegemony of the “male-dominated” imagery that Dines claims to dominate porn, probably didn’t register too well with Gail. The real issue was that porn performers not matching her stereotypes of them as mindless “cumdumpsters” or victims of serial rape and assault simply shouldn’t be given the chance to defend themselves or their chosen profession without the approved radfem antagonist present to “correct the record”.

Problem is, though, Gail allows her sexual reaction to slip through the cracks even as she attempts to whitewash TPoP as merely an economic critique of the porn industry.

Instead of claiming that we are all empowered by porn, The Price of Pleasure delves into the underbelly of the industry, illustrating its points with images drawn from some of the most popular porn websites. These are not pretty, nor are they very erotic. We see women being choked with a penis, women smeared in ejaculate, women being slapped and spit upon, and in a particularly horrible scene, a woman retching after she has licked a penis that was just in her anus (called Ass to Mouth in the industry).

Now…any woman reading this who has managed to actually be deep throated, or whom has had facials done on them, who has engaged in a scene with spitting and slapping, and whom has actually survived AtM without dying of E Coli poisioning or being choked to death with the guy’s penis or not being able to wash the spooge and spit off with soap and water afterwards, please raise your hands. (Not you, Monica…I’ll get to you later.)

And, of course, this should never, ever be confused with a conservative, fundamentalist critique of sexuality….of course not!!

It seems to me that Price’s crime was to provide a progressive critique of the porn industry, rather than wax lyrically about how porn empowers women sexually. She showed a film that takes an unflinching look at the real porn industry.

Ahhh, yeah.  A “progressive critique”. Seriously.

One of the producers who was seriously slandered in that video was Ira Levine (who also produces and writes under the professional name Ernest Greene); one of his bondage videos was hijacked and used without his consent for the documentary, and he was also interviewed by one of the doc’s creators, Dr. Chyng Sun, as part of the “fact-finding research” for TPoP. (Remember Dr. Sun’s original criticism that was published in January 2005 in CounterPunch??  Remember also Nina Hartley’s response to that?? Oh, did I also mention that Ernest is Nina’s husband, too?) Being both an actual progressive AND a long-time sexual rights activist involved intimately in the kink field, Ernest actually understands what really goes on in an BDSM themed scene…and he used the pages of the Blog of Pro-Porn Activism to both review and refute the cracked claims of TPoP, as well as document the way they stole and abused sexual content to fit into their ideology. His four part series is available and accessible through the home page of the BPPA blog. Anyone wanting a true progressive critique of how right-wing antisex propaganda attempts to work would be highly encouraged to read that series.

On the other hand…anyone wanting a totally whack and completely insane analysis of the whole affair could do much worse than accessing the blog Porn News Today, which offered up this wonderful breakdown of the Dines CounterPunch article:

I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re officially in the “End Times” as of today. The woman in this article, a professor, tried to educate her students as to the truth about the potential detrimental effects of pornography on one’s life, and she was suspended for it.

Meanwhile you have sextoy companies (who are of course Free Speech Coalition members) like the Screaming O sponsoring college campus events at USF (I’m convinced that their front man works directly for Satan), and Wicked Pictures screening their movies to students at UCSB.

Why even TRY to give young people the knowledge they need to make educated healthy decisions in life at this stage? Being that pornography is the psychological drug to enslave the masses of this generation why stop there? Maybe the United States should go ahead and legalize not just marijuana, but cocaine too and start distributing it to middle school kids (highschool age kids just aren’t young enough now days).

Once the middle school kids are hooked on both the porn and the cocaine – after they make it to Highschool (the ones that live that is), call in the porn companies to recruit the 16 year old girls during lunch break (the kids won’t be eating lunch anyways being that cocaine takes away your appetite). It’ll be like a job fair!  Hell, I’ve been saying for a while that the age limit to be in porn should be raised to 21, but being that it’s the END OF DAYS lets go ahead and lower it to 16. Why not? Come on psychos, if you’re going to transform Earth into HELL lets do it RIGHT!

The person who wrote this mash of thrash??  Monica Foster. “Christian porn star”, self-identified apostate, and now, apparently, joining her mentors Shelley Lubben and Gail Dines in the agitprop network.

Because only someone insane enough to make up fake accounts to harass her critics and threaten to kill their children; someone batshit crazy enough to make up sockpuppet accounts spilling and spewing racist/anti-Semitic/homophobic smack so that she can pretend to be a ‘victim”; and someone wild enough to accept a bounced check from a sexual predator while escorting, then decry all escorts as the root of STI infection in porn…only Monica would invent the ultimate conspiracy of the porn industry to corrupt children with dildos and vibrators at age 15.

At least this can be said about Monica: she’s now down to one crazy personality, rather than five. Too bad that personality is more of a mole for sexual reaction, a double agent working both sides of the street. Pick a side, dear, before you get hit.

[Update (4-23-12)]

I had said that the only source for Gail Dines’ account of what happened at Appalachian State was her CounterPunch article…but now I’ve found the real source.

The Chronicle of Higher Education blog released on April 10th a full blog post documenting the entire episode regarding Jammie Price…and it is illuminating as much for what really did happen as what Dines simply cherry-picked for her antiporn crusade. I’ll simply repost the entire article for your viewing pleasure.

Tenured Professor Is Placed on Leave After Showing a Film About Pornography

A tenured professor of sociology at Appalachian State University has been placed on administrative leave following complaints last month from four students about her “inappropriate speech and conduct in the classroom,” including showing a movie about pornography.

Jammie Price, who has been a professor at Appalachian State for eight years, showed a well-known film called “The Price of Pleasure” in her introductory sociology course. The film, which she got from the university library, criticizes the porn industry and other businesses that make money off it.

According to a letter Ms. Price received last month from Anthony Gene Carey, vice provost for faculty affairs, Ms. Price failed to warn students that the material may be “objectionable or upsetting,” and at least three students complained to administrators that the content was “really inappropriate,” Mr. Carey wrote.

Another student complained to administrators that during another class meeting, Ms. Price had made “disparaging, inaccurate remarks about student athletes,” said the letter from Mr. Carey. He also said Ms. Price had inappropriately talked about her personal life and her political views in the classroom and “repeatedly stated that you do not like working at Appalachian” and “criticized the university administration.” In his letter, Mr. Carey said Ms. Price would be placed on administrative leave pending an investigation by the university’s Office of Equity, Diversity, and Compliance.

Ms. Price, who has hired a lawyer and filed a sex-discrimination complaint against the university with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, asked the administration for a hearing on the charges but was denied. Administrators told her that is because she is on administrative leave, not under disciplinary suspension. When the university placed her on leave, it told Ms. Price she could not enter any classrooms or offices in the College of Arts and Sciences and took away her keys. It also told her not to speak about the matter with any students or colleagues.

The American Association of University Professors wrote a letter to the university’s chancellor this month, saying that, in Ms. Price’s case, the consequences of the paid leave were the same as a suspension. It also said AAUP guidelines say professors should be suspended “only if immediate harm to the faculty member or others is threatened”—something it said wasn’t evident in Ms. Price’s case.

The association also criticized the university because, it said, it appeared the administration had not consulted with any faculty committee before placing Ms. Price on leave.

The university didn’t return phone calls from The Chronicle seeking comment.

In a written response to Mr. Carey, Ms. Price said all the topics she covered in the course—including personal examples from her own life—were appropriate for an introductory sociology class. She said the movie on pornography included interviews with well-known scholars and is a legitimate teaching tool. “Part of the learning process for some students may be moving past the discomfort they feel when faced with core concepts in an introductory-level sociology class,” she wrote. Ms. Price said the university placed her on administrative leave for covering subjects “pertinent to sociology.” As such, she said, the university action “violates my rights to academic speech.”

Ms. Price told The Chronicle she believes the administration is punishing her because she has spoken out about things on the campus, including what she describes as a male-only poker club that includes administrators and faculty members.

“Men in the poker club gain more power, privileges, and income than others on the campus, and protection from student charges,” she said. “Since I started speaking out about this poker club, I have been bullied and harassed.”

So, from what it appears, the issue is NOT porn per se, but an administration taking advantage of some complaints about the “inappropriatness” of showing TPoP without any prior warning for triggering (as well as the other miscellaneous smack leveled by Ms. Price on other issues) in order to punish a whistleblower for “troublemaking”. Overbroad and a genuine assault on academic freedom?? Most probably, and one that will be resolved within the proper channels. A planned assault by the porn industry to “censor” a critical documentary??  Ahhhhh….no, I don’t think so.

Nice try, Gail…but as usual, you come up a day late and ten dollars short.


Monica Foster Supplemental Memo: Why Cyberbullying Julie Meadows/Lydia Lee For Her Kindness Will Only Get Her Lubbenized

Just when you thought she couldn’t go beyond herselves, Monica Foster (nee’ Alexandra Mayers) lowers the crazaa bar once again.

Monica Foster (nee' Alexandra Mayers): the official Michelle Bachmann of XXX.

Apparently, getting her ass kicked — figuratively and intellectually speaking — by Michael Whiteacre and especially by Sean Tompkins of The REAL Pornwikileaks (not to be confused with the original Pornwikileaks that Monica is apparently attempting to revive to continue the Donny Long tradition of smearing anyone who disses her) has only intensified the nuclear explosions affecting her synapses.

The problem is, unfortunately, that rather than face the music and her critics head on like a real woman should, Monica has decided to aim and fire her nukes at a woman whom simply has done nothing to deserve it. Worse yet, she has gone to even threatening her family with not-so-thinly veiled death threats.

The victim of Monica’s cyberbullying is none other than Lydia Lee, formerly known and loved and respected as Julie Meadows.

The grand irony of Foster’s vendetta is that Julie was one of the first women to actually attempt to aid and comfort Monica when she was apparently at her worst state. But that was when Monica was so busy playing both sides of the PWL street, sending out bogus racist messages and even going so far as to fake a plea for help from a potential suicide attempt.

(You will remember the supposed Twitter war that she had with “Darrah Ford” over her alleged opposition back then to Lubben’s ministry….but then you wonder why they never communicated directly with each other.  Could it be that “Darrah” was herself another one of Monica’s personality inventions?? Until she makes a comeback, we’ll never know, shall we??)

Of course, Lydia/Julie and her husband Doug has been one of the most vocal critics of the Ministress and her pumped up holy roller antiporn ministry; with plenty of former Lubbenites going to her to reveal their inside stories on the abusive behavior just underneath the Godly surface of the Pink Cross Foundation. (The latest whistleblower, “Kristenye”, has her story documented here.) Between that and Sean’s revelations that Monica wasn’t the angelic “victim” of Donny Long’s bigotry but an active participant in all the bloddy madness, there’s enough damning evidence to unravel Monica for years.

So what does a crazy person do when her ass is caught in a lie?? Simple…she simply goes on a Twitter rant of epic proportions, filled with all sorts of conspiracies, slanders, and holy references.

Which is exactly what Monica Foster did this past Tuesday.

Julie has reposted the entirity of Monica’s full metal twattage at her blog, and rather than repost all of it here, I’d rather respect her wishes and her copyright and just refer y’all over there. (Of course, you can also simply visit Foster’s Twitter page (@MonicaFoster) and view the madness for yourself, since Monica kinda forgot to privatize her tweets, and thusly has made everything public for anyone to view.) Suffice it to say, though, that Monica covers plenty of ground….here are the main supplementary points

1) The “LA porn industry” is un-Godly, and needs to be razed and burned to the ground. (This is an extension to her earlier belief that a dark Satanic force rules over Porn Valley. Funny, but it didn’t prevent her from making money as an escort…Lenny Dykstra’s bounce check notwithstanding.)

2) Monica is the apparent victim of an “anti-American” terrorist cabal within the “LA porn industry”, led apparently by Diane Duke of the Free Speech Coalition and porn producer/director Will Ryder, with Julie Meadows and Michael Whiteacre and Sean Tompkins as the lead jihadists, so to speak. (Mike’s devout Judaism doesn’t get in the way of his “terrorist” tactics, of course.)

3) Lydia Lee has been promoted in this lunatic conspiracy theory of Monica’s…once, she was simply a “fat bored housewife”; now, she’s a “cocaine whore” and a “deadbeat mom” who’s being “pimped out” by hubby Doug and who is just jealous because Shelley Lubben is revealing the “truth”.

4) MIke Whiteacre (liberally referenced by his real name, which I will NOT reveal here) is in fact an “antiporn superhero” who is in fact revealing just why Monica is totally right about the evil of the porn industry. That, and he’s also an Israeli “terrorist”.

5) Monica also has created new imaginary friends — namely “Francesco Barbarino” (Vinny’s long lost son, I guess) and “Dion from Combat Zone” — whom she openly hopes pays all her “friends” (read that to mean, her critics)  a visit for dinner…with cement shoes as the requisite attire, if you catch her drift.

But wait…this gets better. Much, much, much better.

Obviously not satisfied with waiting for Francesco and Dion to do their thing, Monica teamed up with another Lubben fan girl and ex-porn/ex-escort strumpet, Desi Foxx (nee’ Diana Gundenson), who promptly posted a couple of “editorial cartoons” depicting their desired solution to all the crisis…mostly involving the MInistress driving a bus over her critics. (The offending toons were also captured by Julie and posted at her blog, I recommend you go there if your stomach is strong enough.)

Desi Foxx, of course, you know as the woman whose medical records were pilfered last year from the AIM database and released to yet another one of Donny Long’s sites; remember that she and her daughter Elli Foxx (they worked together as a tag team as working prostitutes, and even made porn together as a mother/daughter team) sued AIM in what amounted to be a PR stunt for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s vendetta against AIM and for mandatory condoms for all porn shoots.

Oh..and then there’s also Monica’s counter to Sean Tompkins’ counterattacks revealing the hypocrisy and outright brutality of Foster’s attacks on Julie Meadows and her family. When Sean used the pages of TRPWL to reveal the names and checkered history of some members of Monica’s family (namely, her sister and her mother), Monica responded by creating a Blogger website strategically named Pornwikileaks.com (and another faked up blog called “Porn in the Valley”) from which she spewed more of the same crapola about being “terrorized”. She’s also created a “fan page” dedicated to smearing Michael Whiteacre, too.

Now, Sean and Michael are big boys who know how to defend themselves against idiocy, and who are capable of beating fools at their own game; that’s how Sean and the crew were able to take down the original PWL and Donny Long’s bullshittery. Julie, to her credit, while stunned enough at the turncoat behavior of Monica at first, has managed to retain her classic grace and class; but even she understands the value of a good counterattack, because she and Doug have promised legal action against Monica. Considering how protective Doug is of Lydia, I wouldn’t be surprised that other, more earthy, means of protection is being enacted as well.

Perhaps the real threat of jail time will finally enable the sensible portions remaining in Monica Foster’s brain to finally kick in and back down from her nonsense before real people get hurt. Perhaps, there is still enough good will left in Monica that she will realize that her impressionist act of being a “Christian porn star” just isn’t compatible with her behavior and actions, and that she will actually live the word and walk the talk of a true Christian.

Perhaps…it will snow in South Louisiana, too. I wish we would be that lucky.

Blowback can be a real bitch, Monica. One last time: Check yourself before you wreck yourself….and others.


And On The Other Side Of Bayou Crazaa: My (Updated) Open Letter To Monica Foster (From Sybill To Bachmann In 2.5 Seconds)

[This is actually a repost and an update to a “memo” I posted over at my Lady Chatterley Boudoir blog last October. I am updating it to reflect new info and how Monica Foster has now overstepped the line seperating lunacy from outright vicious bitchiness…thus deserving a far more serious reading. Updated info will appear in brackets and italicized.]

In all my years as an observer and a fan of porn and its talent, I see plenty of personalities come and go. It’s part of why I absolutely love being a fan.

I also love the fact that explicit adult media is one of the few places where people are free to let their hair down, so to speak, and reveal things about themselves that they wouldn’t even be able to get away with in “civilian” life.

But as with most renegade professions, though, you will get that special breed of personality that oversteps the line which separates eccentricity from outright lunacy, from simply being one of the only slightly abnormal freaks, to being the latest candidate for the straightjacket.

And then…there is Monica Foster, who rips the lunacy book to shreds.

Monica Foster (nee' Alexandra Mayers): the official Michelle Bachmann of XXX.

(Snarky photo of Monica courtesy of Michael Whiteacre, via Sean Tompkins of TRPWL.)

For those who do not know, Monica Foster is a now former middle-grade Black porn performer whom at one time was seen as a serious reformer who wanted to improve the conditions for women getting into the industry. Heck, she even created a series and a website (GettingIntoPorn.com) in which she used her insider credentials and personal experiences to mentor young women seeking to enter the industry. She also created a complimentary site called GettingOutOfPorn.com, which offered guidance for those who wanted to get out as safely as they got in.

At one time, I considered her to be enough of a genuine person that I even included links and endorsements of her organization over at my blogs. I was under the impression that here was a serious and eloquent voice that was willing to fight the good fight from within to make the industry a safer and better place.

That was then…before I encountered the Sybll that lurked underneath the sexy chocolate covering.

[Which has now been shed by Monica in favor of the full Lizzy Borden/Michelle Bachmann ensemble.]

The first warning sign came when Monica decided to make a Federal issue out of how many porn starlets were escorting on the side, and how that was leaving porn performers open to a variety of diseases, including HIV. Of course, at the same time, Monica was herself escorting and offering “girlfriend experiences” to various rich guys. How do we know that?? Because when one particular rich guy, former pro baseballer Lenny Dykstra, solicited Monica’s…ummmm, “services” but somehow forgot to back up the check he paid her with actual funding, Monica went all ape shit upside his dome, using all the tools of her trade, including Twitter and her “Monica at Home” podcasts and blog, to light up Dykstra for bouncing his checks. (Never mind that that goes against the cardinal rule of sex work: Cash Payments ONLY. Though, I wonder if debit cards are now welcome.)

[Nothing has changed on that since then…Monica’s still running smack about how escorts are destroying porn with their diseases, while still moaning about Dykstra’s bounced check. Not much to see here, so I’ll move on.]

OK…so maybe that’s not a good example, since Monica could claim that she’s only mentoring from bad experiences and warning people.

But, then, there is her obsession with Vanessa Blue and Michael Fattorosi.

The former is one of the premiere Black porn starlets; the latter is the former’s current significant other, and a high-falutin’ attorney who dabbles in defending adult sexual media’s legal interests (hence his former Twitter gloss @Pornlaw).

It all goes back to the bad old days of the original Pornwikileaks. No, Clones, NOT the current version that is being run splendidly by Sean Tompkins; but the original one that was essentially Donny Long’s attempt to seek revenge on the industry.

For those who remember, the original PWL was essentially a racist, homophobic, bigoted to almost neo-Nazi standards shop where Donny Long and his insider acolytes would post the most vile, hateful, and abusive rumor, as well as deliberately “out” performers using their real names, actual addresses, and even private medical records. It was ultimately shut down when some of its most prominent victims decided to use DL’s own methods against him and out him and his supporting cast.

Monica Foster’s role in all that?? Well, she claims to have been a prominent victim of Donkey Long’s aggression, complete with all the race baiting, the outing, and even the threats to her personal life. In fact, it got so bad that she even publically tweeted of committing suicide due to all the stress involved. And, she is generally credited with ultimately bringing Long down and reforming PWL away from the hate.

[Of course, we all know that Mike South, Mercedes Ashley, Michael Whiteacre, and their underling lieutenants beating Long at his own IP game bear most of the credit, and Monica was at most a loud booster.]

The problem is, though, that for someone who claims to be such a victim of the original PWL, Monica sure has a strange way of promoting them. Even with the racist attacks on her, she was still very much active in all of Long’s forums, and she even went so far as to call Long “a genius”.

[Not to mention the accusation that has now gotten around that Monica actually faked up racist smack in order to prop up her “victimhood” (see here), and even attempted to gain the original PWL database — the one with all the phony names, racist/sexist/antiporn/gay bashing smack, and all the private medical information thieved from AIM-MED — all in the name of “truthseeking”, of course. Nothing at all to do with her, oh noes.]

As for her vendetta against Vanessa Blue and Mike Fattorosi?? Well, Monica claims that “Pornlaw” was in fact totally involved with and supportive of the original PWL’s racist assaults, because (according to her) Fattorosi often would post to the XXXFilmJobs forum (one of Long’s favored platforms for his rumor mongering), and some of his clients somehow got exempted from getting their personal information outed in the original PWL database. Vanessa Blue is attacked merely for being Fattorosi’s sig other, and for being an alleged “traitor to her race” (Blue had previously been romantically involved with Black porn megastud Lexington Steele, but they broke off acromoniously).

Then there was the Classic Epic Twitter War that ensued between Monica Foster and “Darrah Ford”; the latter being a former porn publicist/rumor specialist who adopted the gonzo style of the legendary porn gossipist Luke Ford (in fact, there is no relation).

The genesis of that particular smackfest was when Monica decided to break off her support of….yeah, her again….Shelley Lubben and the Pink Cross Foundation’s efforts to reform former porn girls through “the love of Jesus Christ”. “Darrah”, whom has now disappeared without a trace since the whole PWL drama went down, was at one time one of the loudest supporter of Lubben and her ministry, often under the supposed “feminist” drive of retaking porn from the evil male establishment. “Darrah” was also a strong supporter of the drive by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (assisted lovingly by the Ministress) to mandate condom usage on all porn sets, while at the time, Monica was on the fence.

Once again, though, that was then. Now, it seems, Monica has reversed herself (again) and is now in near total support of Lubben, even going as far as to be fundamentally critical of those who are calling into account her distortions and outright lies. And this is even in the face of overwhelming evidence of how Lubben has used her ministry as her own personal money bank, or how she, in spite of her claims to have “saved” porn women from drug abuse, actually has enabled same abuse as a  means of keeping her acolytes in line. (See Madelyne/Michelle Avanti).

How bad has it gotten?? Last year, Monica gleefully contirbuted to the documentary series developed by Michael Whiteacre and Julie Meadows, “The Devil And Shelley Lubben”, which sought to expose the contradictions and distortions of Lubben and her ministry.

Now?? She’s openly accusing Whiteacre of “stalking” and “harrassing” Lubben, and she’s publically broken off with Meadows (now using her real life given name of Lydia Lee), calling her a “fat bored housewife” who “deserves to be cheated on and to contract an STD”.

[To say that Julie Meadows has been pretty much wrecked by Monica’s turncoat bitchiness is an understatement…read up here and here.]

And in case even that is not enough for you, there is Monica’s newly found friendship and alliance with Nica Noelle and January Seraph, the two principal founders of the fledgling Adult Performers Association, which claims itself to be the first organization of adult performers of its kind. Nica and January also happen to have major personal issues with both the Free Speech Coalition (the current lobbying/public information org for the industry) and its newly created STD testing group, Adult Performers Health and Safety Services (APHSS). January’s issues are mostly with the FSC’s position against the .XXX domain and the security of the APHSS database used to monitor and protect performers during the testing process; Nica’s problem is with the supposed “monopoly” that FSC/APHSS has in the process of testing, which freezes out her right to choose her own testing company. Since Monica has been a long time opponent of FSC and APHSS, and their predecessors over at AIM-MED, it makes for a natural alliance.

[More like made for an alliance….Nica has now bailed out from APA, citing “harassment” from “PWL” peeps as the reason. Probably more because she simply couldn’t stand scrutiny for fellow travelling with Monica and her clown act.]

Also, there is that other bitter Twitter war ongoing between Michael Whiteacre, who happens to be one of the more tenacious defenders of FSC/APHSS, and both Nica and January, whom have also accused Whiteacre of some overly aggressive and nasty tactics of “stalking” and harrassment. Obviously, Monica has now gone all-in for the women, which dovetails quite nicely with her newly found love for Shelley Lubben.

[Oh, I haven’t told you about the latest and most obscene act that Monica pulled on Sean Tompkins of TRPWL; she basically accused him of being a “pedophile” for posting pics of his daughter online….right after she basically called for her peeps to pray for his daughter’s death. Right along with praying for the mass death of anyone attached to the “LA porn industry”. Sure…like her God has so much time to sling lightning bolts for her. Sean’s detailed the tweeterhea over at AWM/TRPWL, find it here and here.]

I believe that you get my point now, Clones. It’s one thing to change your mind and switch your views in a certain point in time. When you change your views back and forth the way Imelda Marcos changes shoes?? You might have a slight personality disorder.

Or…you just might be just plain freakin’ NUTS.

Memo, Monica: Back away from yourself. And…yourself. And…your other self.

[And while you’re at it, Monica, back away from the faux Christian pornstar cliff, because if you’re not careful, it will eat you up just like it’s starting to consume your mentor. Two words, dearie: “You’re next.”]


This Is How It's Done, Cameron: "The Devil And Shelley Lubben" (A Whiteacre/Lee Production) — Updated

I still need to close the books on my fisking of Cameron Rowe…but first I’m going to do my own debut of what I consider to be a must see documentary that cuts through all the bullshit of Shelley Lubben’s antiporn crusades and gets down to the nitty gritty of what her lunacy is really all about.

As you well know by now, Michael Whiteacre and Lydia Lee (aka Julie Meadows) has been promising a joint collaboration on a documentary expose of Ministress Lubben and her mostly rogue campaign to rid California and the world of the adult sexual media industry.

Well…the first two episodes of that documentary — titled “The Devil and Shelley Lubben” — is now available for viewing, both at Whiteacre’s YouTube channel and at Lydia’s/Julie’s blog. And, below the jump, it will be posted here as well.

This documentary is chock full of some very interesting information never before revealed about Ministeress Shelley’s history and motivations from childhood to her first life as an active sex worker/prostitute, to her brief career as extreme porn starlet “Roxy”, to her conversion to fundamentalist Christianity and antiporn activism; all the way to her latest collusion with folk like the AIDS Healthcare Foundation to force condoms down the throats (and up other orfices) of performers, or simply run the industry out of California altogether.

It also features some fascinating and sorely needed counter testimony by people like Nina Hartley, Kayden Kross, Lydia Lee, Monica Foster, and other active and former sex performers in response to the many Lubben memes about “abused” and “diseased” porn performers who simply exist to be “raped” and drugged for the benefit of evil men. Plus, Episode 2 also includes a rebuttal by one of the co-stars of one of Lubben’s videos, in direct repudiation to her claim that she was raped in the making of that video.

This is what actual journalism looks like. Take heed, Cameron Rowe.

Here’s the first two segments:

Well done and done well, Lydia and Michael….so far.

When the rest of the doc is released, it will be posted here.  Watch this blog space for details.


Update (2-20-11):

Well…it seems that some of Shelley’s peeps weren’t too happy with the exposure, because they screamed at YouTube loud enough that the latter caved in and pulled Episode #2 from public view.

I find it kinda funny that they decided to go after the episode which was the less personal of the two…was it because they were actually scared of real live porn stars refuting Lubben’s testimony about their innate “diseased” selves??

But…never fear, Clones….Michael and Lydia weren’t born yesterday, and they had a back up plan. Screw you, YouTube….hello, Blip.tv.

The Devil And Shelley Lubben: Episodes #1 & #2 (Blip.tv): Originals here and here (and, of course, here).

Up your bunnnnnzzzz, Ministeress. And may God and the Goddess bless you always.