How Vicky Vette Turned The Payroll Tax Cut War Into A Brilliant Brand Marketing Coup…Through The $40 Blowjob

Ask any successful businessperson what is the most important factor in selling his/her business, and he will respond usually with the basic three-word edict:

“Location, location, location.”

The best advertisement in the world will make no bit of good if no one sees it, and to maximize your potential sales audience by going where they are and grabbing the microphone and promoting your product makes all the difference in the world.

Some companies are so wealthy they can literally buy their own audience. Most bizmen/bizwomen, though, must rely of strategic placement to put out the word for their product.

And when the product happens to be adult sexual entertainment, sometimes you must rely on sheer luck or just skilled targeting.

And sometimes, your hard work does indeed pay off big time.

As it did yesterday with Vicky Vette.

If you are not in the world of adult entertainment, you might not know who the hell Vicky Vette is, so let me give you the abridged bio version.

Once upon a time, a gorgeous Norwegian-born and Canada-raised woman who had spent pretty much her entire early adult life in various middle- to upper-management/retail — including even selling houses — decided to follow her inner slut, her bodacious rack, and her throbbing clit into the wild world of explicit adult entertainment. From then on, she moved to hardcore modeling, to active porn performing, and to live feature dancing, rounding up nearly 300 or so video credits and a reputation for consistency and work ethic as well as for eternal horniness…and all of this in her late 30’s and 40’s!!

Then, having tired of some of the drama and potential drawbacks of relying solely on video filming, she “retired” from movies and focused her efforts on content for her home website, (warning, site is NSFW for explicit sexual content). Using all the tools of marketing and corporate saavy she had accumulated, as well as her penchant for honest fan interaction, she was able to transform her site into one of the most popular adult websites around. She then used that springboard as a means to launch her own network of adult websites, the Vette Nation Army (again, NSFW), where she gathered some of the more sucessful “MILF” performers together to share her high standards of fan interaction. Her network now boasts of 12 active members, a devout and large membership base that has consistently kept her site at the top of the rankings, and the reputation of being one of the hardest working women in adult webhosting.

That, in a nutshell, is Vicky Vette.

(Disclosure alert here: I happen to have been a fan and follower of Vicky from the beginning of her porn career; having joined her website since 2005…and I am a moderator for many of her Yahoo fan groups and her members’ message board. Don’t let my bias get in the way of the story, though.)

One of her greatest weapons in her War of Mass Seduction is Twitter. You wouldn’t know it now, but she had to be persuaded to even use the service when she first discovered it…she was more on MySpace back then. Now, she has worked Twitter so well that she is part of an elite group of adult superstars with more than 200,000 followers (currently at 218+K as of this moment). And, she’s willing to share the wealth so readily that three other VNA featured stars — Sara Jay, Gabby Quinteros, and Bobbi Eden — have eclipsed the 100K follower mark themselves.

(Yes, I know, Clones, that is still dwarfed by the top celebrity Twitterers whose follow base can get into the MILLIONS…but we are talking about the ADULT industry here.)

What does all this have to do with $40 blowjobs and the payroll tax cut wars?

Well, you can thank the White House, CNN, and the Funny Or Die website for that.

Of course, the big political story today was the continuing battle between the Obama White House and the Congressional Republicans/Tea Partiers over extending the payroll tax cut enacted in 2010 for another year. (The GOTP tonight blinked, accepting a vote to extend the cut and some unemployment benefits for two months so that the next Congress could do battle.) But, as of this morning, things were still fluid.

For once, the Democrats, who usually are the ones to cave in to the demands of the Repubs/Tea Partiers, decided to stand their ground on principle and defend the middle- to working-class tax cut, saying that the Repubs were only opposed to it because they wanted tax relief only for the wealthy at the expense of the rest of America.

As part of that defense, the White House, whom has mastered the art of using Twitter hashtags for exploiting the online zeitgeist, had come up with the meme of #40dollars, which represents the $40 per year that average working Americans would lose in their paychecks if the payroll tax was restored. (Just do a search on Twitter using the hashtag #40dollars to see how popular that became.)

Here’s their opening tweet in the series:

OK…pretty mundane story, right??

CNN must have thought so, because they used a segment of their afternoon news show, CNN Newsroom, to discuss the standoff with Republican Congressman Fred Upton (Michigan).

During the interview, Upton and the CNN panelist discussed the White House public media campaign to sell the tax cut using Twitter, while in the background, tweets using the hashtag #40dollars was scrolling across your TV screen.

Which is how, if you weren’t quite looking, you might have missed this tweet:

Now, it only crossed the screen for about two or three seconds before the cameras dissolved back to the panelists….which is unfortunate, because if the directors had held on for just a tad longer, they would have discovered this tweet:

You could say that Vicky was simply having a bit of fun with her followers…but then again, last year sister VNA girl Bobbi Eden was dead serious about giving free hummers to all of her followers if her native Norway team won the World Cup soccer finals. (Tragically, they lost to England.)

Naturally it was just dumb luck that Vicky happened to be posting a naughty tweet using the #40dollars hashtag just as CNN was reporting on how Twitter was being used to direct the debate.

Yeah, right…sure it was…she more than likely planned it all along.

The point is, though, it worked…but would it turn from a molehill into a mountain??

Cue the folks at, who watched the same segment…and struck the motherload…errrr, motherlode. And wasn’t afraid to tell the world, either.

CNN 4.jpg

This is where the amazingness took over. CNN clearly didn’t intend for its viewers to read these tweets. It was just a visual aide to show that this thing was, in fact, happening on Twitter. They scrolled quickly down the screen for a second or two before getting back to the shot of the interview. And if you weren’t paying attention, you would have missed it. But if you thought something felt a bit off for second, and you rewound your DVR back to the moment right before they cut back to Fred Upton, you would have seen this:

CNN 3.jpg

Let’s zoom in a little on that second to last tweet.

cnn 5.jpg

YESSSSSS! CNN! They showed a tweet from a porn star named Vicky Vette participating in the 40-dollar-hashtag. “If every single one of my followers gives me #40dollars ~~ I will blow you all rt.” The “rt” at the end is perfection. And for one fleeting moment on Wednesday, daytime CNN was perfection as well.

Remember, Clones….porn starlets normally don’t get anywhere close to CNN unless they are either dead from HIV/AIDS, converted born-agains like Shelley Lubben reflecting on how abused and raped they were, or Bree Olson playing one of Charlie Sheen’s “goddesses”.Not even Larry Flynt can buy this kind of positive spin..and yet the Commander in Briefs was able to kick the sumbitch down with one strategic hashtag.

With that one tweet, Vicky Vette may have done more to enhance her bottom line, and the positive side of adult, then anyone this side of Nina Hartley has even done. (Apologies to Stormy Daniels, who did a decent job of dispatching Gail Dines in a porn debate on Dr. Drew’s “talk show”…but that was more isolated.)

If there is anything such as followup or justice in this world,  CNN should give Vicky a segment interview to explain herself. After she blows up even more than she has now, though, I’m sure they won’t find it hard to locate her. She’s the blonde with the body for sin, the brain for business, and the heart for the long haul.

You go, General.